Press Statements from Brit Miller

Brit Miller knows football is a team game, but also understands that if this team is going to do what's expected of them he must lead by example. Miller knows they let a game slip away against Missouri, but he also realizes it's not the end of the season. Read here for statements from Miller.

Regarding the struggles of the defense against Missouri:

"It was me who stood up and said something about our defense. I thought our offense did a good job. They picked it up and scored a lot of points but at the end of the day we're a team. You just hate to be that part of the team that let them down. There was a lot of confusion on our side, but maybe that was a lack of leadership and I definitely put that on myself. Going back to look at it, that was one of the worst games I've been a part of, including my performance as well. After watching the film yesterday I missed a good five tackles. I could have been in on other tackles. I have a lot of respect for my position and I have to get better throughout the full game and not just have spurts."

Miller also had some thoughts about "Illinois Football: The Journey" a show featuring the Illini on the Big Ten Network.

"Tell you the truth I really don't know if we'll get together to watch the show on the Big Ten Network. Our concentration is more about the football game. I'm sure some will watch it. I've been getting a lot of text messages about it. I think the show is more for the people and for them to enjoy Illini football rather than us. Whatever spin they decide to put on it that's their decision our focus is the games. I think it gives an inside look for people who don't get to see us as student athletes. I think the show will be good for our program, but for us it's what we do everyday. The camera crew does a good job of letting us be ourselves. I think a lot of people will enjoy the show."

Additionally, Miller had some thoughts on cramping issues that took place during the first game.

"I think the whole atmosphere being as hot as it was had something to do with the cramps. Guys having to wait all day long with your stomach turning because your body knows what your about to go through. But I think both sides of the sidelines had a lot of guys with cramps. I know I did. Any guy that played over 40 plays is going to have a little hydration issue. It was real humid down there. That's why I like playing outside."

We'll have more on Miller and the Illini later this week.

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