Juice Williams Meets the Press

Big Ten Player of the Week Juice Williams talks with the media regarding last week's game. Get inside here at InsideIllini.com to hear from Williams.

Juice comments on his play last Saturday and the award given to him from the Big Ten office.

"It feels good to be honored to with the Big Ten Player of the Week. It's a great accomplishment, but as I was telling the rest of my teammates, I would trade that for a win on Saturday. We had a very successful game on offense, but we have to find a way to come up with a victory."

Juice's thoughts on more running backs getting more involved this week:

"It's hard to say. I do anticipate us being able to run the ball a little bit. We should have more productive things on the ground."

What was the cause for the lack of running game?

"A lot of my yards I pick up come from scrambling on a lot of broken plays. Last year I was able to go out and make plays with my legs. This year I was looking more for the pass. I tried to keep my eyes up field, even though I may be out of the pocket. Something I really worked hard on this summer was trying not to take off so early. They played the run pretty good. They had a lot of guys in the box which prevented the run."

How tough will it be to do both - run and pass the ball down the field?

"It's very difficult. A lot of times you want to take off every time you see green grass. It's something you have to train your brain to be disciplined and just stay focused and keep your eyes up field. That was something I really struggled with as a freshman when I got outside the pocket. I was so quick to run the ball at times I wasn't aware that I should throw the ball down the field. But like I said it's something I worked on in the off-season and it really helped out Saturday night."

The play of #13 Will Judson

"He had a huge game on Saturday. He's a speedster. It was all about confidence in himself to actually go out there and do it. He made some big plays for this team. Chris Duvalt came in the game and made some big plays too. All those guys along with Jeff Cumberland when he gets healthy gives us a bunch of guys who can go out and make plays for this offense."

Williams and the Fighting Illini take on Eastern Illinois Saturday at 11 a.m. on the Big Ten Network.

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