Senior Xavier Fulton Is Ready For Action

The current Illinois football players have a lot of respect for all the Illini greats that have graced the field of Memorial Stadium. Read here for more on Xavier Fulton.

As the Illini gear up to play Eastern Illinois, Xavier Fulton, now lining up as an offensive tackle, took some time to answer some questions about the Illini's opening game against Missouri.

Why wasn't the running game as effective?

"They were doing a lot of movement up front. They were bringing a lot of different blitzes which made it that much harder for us to run the ball. Last year's game we had difficulty running the ball against them after they took away the run we went to the pass. We were pretty effective with that."

What about Juice's attitude in the second half?

"He just took over the offense. He told the offensive line ‘if you guys give me time I can pick them apart.' He really showed a lot of maturity in that aspect, and a lot of poise in the pocket. The maturity he showed comes with experience and I think he showed that. He showed it last year, but there's another level of confidence this year."

Everyone on the outside was looking forward to the Missouri game. People may not be as excited about this game against Eastern Illinois. What will that be like for the players?

"We don't get to compete as much as other sports do so when we get to put the pads on and compete it's important to us. We're always excited to play no matter who it is we're playing."

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