The Play of QB Juice Williams

During the first couple of games in the 2008 season, Illinois QB Juice Williams put up remarkable numbers. However, last Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette the junior signal-caller wasn't at his best. Head Coach Ron Zook talks about his star player.

Ron Zook on QB Juice Williams:

"The fact that he did well against a pretty good team in Missouri that means we know he can do it. Then the next week against EIU he had a big game. I mean it's hard to get 400 yards passing so we know he can do it. Now it goes back to what I've said before your best players have to play the best and he's one of our best players. For whatever reason he didn't play the way he's capable of. Is it what we're trying to do? Is it his work ethic, his preparation of the game? I think somewhere along the lines the coaches and Juice will have to take some responsibility. The one thing I don't ever have to worry about is Mike Locksley coaching Juice and I don't worry about Juice hitting a switch and getting back where he's supposed to be."

"I think it's very normal. We all want Juice to be a pro. Well he's not a pro. We know he's improved; we know he's made progress. He still has a ways to go. Juice is like anyone else. When they tell you how good you are maybe you don't work as hard. It's not being over confident, it's preparation, getting mentally ready to play."

Zook on the outcome of the game and how that's a sign of progress:

"We did win the game; two years ago we wouldn't have won. I honestly believe that. That's the one thing I said to myself walking off the field. We've made a little progress because two years ago we would have lost."

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