"Great Players Are Your Best Players"

Illinois beat Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday by the score of 20-17, but everyone that watched the game knows things didn't go as smoothly as Head Coach Ron Zook would like. Zook met with the media Sunday and talked about his "star" players and what they must do. For more, get inside.

Ron Zook statements from Sunday's press conference:

"I've learned that no team has fifty great players. Your great players are your best players however you want to define it. They have to play their best, they have to play great, they have to rise up to the occasion and play the way they're capable of playing. That's my biggest challenge. The guys that are good they have to play good, the guys that are not as good has to play to their level. That's what gets frustrating as a coach is when your guys don't play to their level, obviously that's our fault. I mean they're still great kids and they still can be pretty good, but we are going to have to flip a switch.

In the second half Arrelious Benn didn't have a touch.

"No, it wasn't them (Louisiana-Lafayette). We had some things called for him. We just talked about it as a staff about the number of snaps and opportunities we could have had, but some of it is #9. I mean he didn't have a very good game. He didn't have the kind of game he's capable of playing, neither did Juice."

"Also I think the good thing about yesterday is this is the first time the offense has been this way. The offense has been pretty good the last two weeks. Particularly in the Missouri game they rolled up a quite a few yards but once again the best players played the best and the good players played really good. I know on defense we need to make something happen, because I didn't want them to begin to lose confidence."

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