Junior QB Juice Williams Meets The Press

How big is Saturday's game against Penn State? There's nothing too heavy to think about, just the start of Big Ten play and an ABC prime-time broadcast at 7 p.m. central time. Illinois checks in as a 14 point underdog for the showdown against the Nittany Lions. Read here for Juice's thoughts on the game.

You're a big underdog, and people are questioning the offense, particularly after the last game. Does this seem like old times for you?

"I wouldn't say that our offense has been successful in my opinion so far this year. I just think if we go out and practice the way we have been practicing and prepare the way we have been we should go out there and be fine."

What's your mood and attitude going into a game like this? It's a Big Ten opener in such a tough place.

"It's a place I've played in before. It's going to be a hostile environment out there. We just have to go out there and worry about us and not worry about the different elements of the fans and the noise. We need to go out there, have fun and fly around, but just go out there and play ball. It's something that we love to do so much."

Is it easier being an underdog?

"It's a lot easier being an underdog. It's less pressure for you. Guys aren't really expecting you to do anything. It's easier to just go out there and play the game and not worry about anything. I've been an underdog all my life, at times it can be difficult, but at the same time it allows an opportunity to go out there and prove yourself. That's what we plan to do - go out and show the world that we can play with some of the best players."

Playing under Mike Locksley, what has changed the most since the last time you played at Penn State?

"Confidence for one. Going out there I really didn't know what to expect. It was loud, the noise kind of got to me a little bit. It's a great team, with me being only 19 years old I was really lost out there. I'm more confident with the offense; I really feel like I can go out there and get the job done. Coach Locksley tells me that he has the confidence in me and I want to go out there and prove him right."

When Big Ten play starts is it a signal to step up your play?

"I think we all can step up our play. Not just the quarterback position. Like I've said we've had some success but it's not where we are capable of being. I think we all can step up and make more plays; I think the role players can come out and play big. Going into the Big Ten it's time for those guys to step up, but we shouldn't have to wait until the Big Ten, it should start the first game of the season."

Thanks Juice.

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