Travis Mullen Top 2010 Running Back

Illinois assistant coach Kurt Beathard was brought on to the Illinois staff to work with the outside wide receivers. His talents, however, aren't only being used for coaching. Coach Beathard helped land future Illinois QB Jacob Charest, and now he is after Travis Mullen, a top running back in the state of Illinois for 2010.

Despite helping his team win its fourth consecutive Big 12 Conference championship, Normal (Ill.) Community running back Travis Mullen saw his season come to an end in the second round of the IHSA state playoffs against Bloomington High School with a 27-10 loss. Still, a 9-2 season is a successful one, and the Ironmen overcame a bad start.

"We started off kind of rough but after a while things started to come together," Mullen explained. "Offensively and defensively, we started to play as a team instead as individuals. We had a pretty good season especially under a new coach."

The 6'-1", 190 pound back ran for over one hundred yards in nine consecutive games during the regular season. He had 1,422 yards during the regular season, including 137 yards and two touchdowns to help defeat Champaign Central and clinch a the conference championship.

"I had a better season this year than last because I played more defense than I did offense [last year]. I don't remember how many yards I had this year, but it was way more than I expected."

The Ironmen running back acknowledges he has one particularly excellent aspect to his running game, but also acknowledges he needs to improve his physicality.

"I think my vision is the best part of my game. I think I have pretty good vision that helps me see holes and be able to find cuts amongst the linemen. Still, I need to be more physical after contact."

A consistent running game and a remarkable amount of yards have drawn interest from a handful of Division 1 colleges.

"Illinois, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, and others I can't remember are showing me interest and have been in contact. I don't have an official offer and I don't have a favorite at this point. I'm wide open." Although he lives in Illinois, Travis grew up favoring a team from Florida.

"I grew up a fan of Florida State."

Having played defense and offense, does Travis have a preference?

"I want to play the position that can get me a scholarship."

His excellence is not only limited to the gridiron, but also in the classroom.

"I don't what exactly my GPA is, but it's all good."

With the help of the Big 10 network, Travis has been able to see Illinois frequently, and it has left an impression on him.

"I like the way they use the receivers and running backs. I like the offense they run. I like it a lot actually. I think it's pretty interesting."

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