Ohio Lineman Davis Draws Recruiting Interest

The football class of 2010 is shaping up to be another good one in the state of Ohio. With past successes in the state, Coach Ron Zook and the Illini coaching staff look to pull in more talent from the Buckeye state. One player who has emerged early on Illinois' radar is defensive lineman Josh Davis.

Josh Davis is a defensive lineman from Jonathon Alder High School in Plain City, Ohio. Although the Pioneers got off to a hot start, the team failed to garner much success late in the season. They suffered a quick exit from the playoffs with a 12-10 loss to Oakwood.

"The season went pretty good. We had to rebuild our offense from last year. We started off really strong, but eventually some of our offense started to break down. Our defense worked hard and played really well. We did get into the playoffs. Unfortunately, we lost that game."

Still, Josh had a successful campaign in 2009.

"I got all-county and all-district special mention. I had 75 tackles on the season. I played on the defensive line this year, but hopefully I'm going to start on the offensive line next year too.

"I think I'm pretty good at maintaining my spot and maintaining my gap. I think I have a decent bull rush and I can also read the offense pretty well. However, I think I need to work on laying out and always keep my feet moving. Sometimes I stop thinking about it, and I stop moving my feet. I also want to work on my strength and weight training. I want to be able to bench my weight."

A plethora of schools are interested in the 6'-6", 270 pounder.

"There are 27 in total that have been in contact, I think. Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State, Indiana, Notre Dame, Virginia are near the top. I can't remember the others. Oh, Cincinnati too."

Although he currently lives in Ohio, Josh has spent most of his life living in the state just west of Ohio.

"I was born and raised in Indiana for most of my life. I moved here about two years ago. So I'm a Hoosier fan, but only for basketball."

Although just a junior, Josh has already visited Illinois twice unofficially, both this past season.

"I went to the Illinois-Indiana and Illinois-Iowa games. I thought it was a really good experience. The crowd was really positive. I got to see the facilities and walked by the impressive weight room. There are really great people there, and both games I went to were great. The Indiana game was kind of a blowout."

The excellent engineering program offered at Illinois is certainly a bonus for the Fighting Illini.

"My family and I personally toured the campus after the visit. I like the degree they offer because I want to be an engineer, and I know Illinois is one of the best for that."

Though it is still early in the new year, Josh is already thinking about the summer.

"I'm getting ready to schedule 5 camps. I'm definitely coming to an Illinois camp. I'm also going to a camp at Ohio State, Northwestern, Indiana, and Cincinnati."

Academically, Josh is well on his way to being a qualifier in college.

"I've taken the ACT twice now. I got a 25 on the first one. I have a 3.9 GPA."

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