Denver Quarterback Excited By Illini Interest

Ron Zook and the Illinois football staff continue to take advantage of previous contacts when developing future recruiting strategies. So it is not surprising they have made a positive impression on a state championship quarterback in Colorado. Jonny Miller is looking to leave a mark upon high school football in Colorado.

Mullen High School is located outside of Denver, Colorado, and is home to the state champion Mustangs. Led by their star quarterback Jonny Miller, the Mustangs finished the season with a sparkling 11-2 record.

"We ended up winning state in 5A. We beat Cherry Creek 20-16. It was a fun season. I had a good time, and our team was real good. I think we'll be just as good next year if not better. We return pretty much all of our specialty players, but we're losing four of our linemen. Other than that, we're going to be stacked. Our coach is very good at working with the offensive line, so I think we're going to be pretty good."

Of the two losses, one was to nationally ranked Kansas City Rockhurst and Illinois-bound Nathan Scheelhaase.

"I thought Nate was a special player. I thought he was one of the fastest high school kids I've ever seen. I was pretty impressed with his arm too, but his speed is definitely there. We have some kids on our team that can run, and he just ran away from us. He has tremendous escapability. It was definitely jaw-dropping. I thought he was a great player."

Jonny battled a slight arm injury towards the end of the season and into the playoffs.

"I thought I did real well. Towards the end of the season, I was battling a shoulder injury. The season took a toll of me. My injury is a bicep type thing. I don't want to say it was torn, but it was pulled bad. It started to hurt towards the end of the season. Otherwise, I was good. I'm just excited about starting the recruiting process."

The recruiting process has indeed started for Jonny.

"Colorado, Arizona State, California, Oklahoma State, Illinois, and a bunch of other schools have shown me interest. I was born in Denver. My brother plays for San Diego State. I pretty much grew up a Nebraska fan, but I really haven't heard from them. I don't really have an allegiance to them because I grew up a fan. My mom did go there. I'm just excited to see what happens when I get my film out."

Although the recruiting process begins in earnest this upcoming summer and fall, Jonny has been active in getting his name and talents out there.

"I took some unofficial trips to Colorado. My sophomore year I went to Nebraska. Cal wants me to come out there, and I want to go to Oklahoma State. As for camps, it will depend on when my film gets out and on what schools really want me to come out and see me in person. I'll definitely go to Colorado and a bunch of other one day camps."

For some recruits, the choice of immediate playing time is enough to select one school over another. For Jonny, however, he understands the value of a redshirt year.

"As a quarterback, I definitely wouldn't mind redshirting. It's a position that I feel like if you're not ready to play it's a good thing to redshirt. You've got to learn the whole playbook and everything. I definitely don't have any real strong opinions about not going somewhere that will redshirt me."

Illinois' connection to the 6'-2", 200 pounder began when Ron Zook recruited Clint Brewster, who attended the same high school as Jonny.

"Illinois definitely I'm interested in. I know Clint Brewster was committed there, and he was a quarterback from my school. Ever since then, the coaches have done a tremendous job and I like Illinois a lot. I'll definitely be sending them my film. I haven't really talked to the coaches yet on the phone, but they've been by my school and sent me mail. They also talk to me by email. I'm definitely interested in Illinois."

Jonny reports a 3.5 GPA.

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