Ohio Cornerback Drawing National Interest

The Midwest hasn't produced a large number of outstanding football players the last few years. So Illinois and a number of other colleges gravitate to the state of Ohio, where athletes can still be found in abundance. One of the prospects Illinois is evaluating for the 2010 class is defensive back/running back Devon McKoy.

Reynoldsburg High School near Columbus, Ohio, had only a 2-8 season, but that hasn't stopped college recruiters from noticing the outstanding play of Devon McKoy. The 5'-11'', 190 pounder has attracted interest around the country.

"I have no official offers at this point, but Illinois, UCLA, Alabama, Virginia, Cincinnati, Akron, Northwestern, Syracuse, Oregon, and Ohio State have been in touch. It wouldn't matter how far away they are. If a school gave me a scholarship, I'd be on the first plane out there." "Growing up outside Columbus, Devon is a fan of the hometown team.

"I grew up an Ohio State fan and went to a game there this year. If they offered, they would be my leader."

Besides taking a visit to Ohio State, Devon also took in a game at Illinois this past season.

"I came to visit for the Iowa game. It went well, real well. I liked the stadium and players a lot. Coach (Eric) Wolford was my recruiting coach for Illinois, but now he's recruiting me to South Carolina. My new recruiting coach is Reggie Mitchell, but I haven't talked to him yet." On the field, Devon played on both sides of the ball.

"I played cornerback and running back. I think I can defend the deep ball with the best. I need to work on breaking on the ball, but I can get better at that. I was too worried about getting beat deep, but that's what I'm best at. I've got power and speed as a running back." The straight A student has been actively looking at camps to attend this summer.

"I'm going to go to a bunch over the summer. I'm planning on going to the Alabama camp. I just got back from the US Army All-American combine. It went real well. I had 3 or 4 picks and they didn't throw my way a lot after that."

McKoy is pleased to receive recruiting attention, but he would like to find a way to make his team successful.

"We went 2-8. We weren't that good. I mean, we're good, but we can't put it all together. We have a whole bunch of good players. We have to find a way to put it all together. We have to find a way to play as a team."

Losing seasons have caused rifts between teammates at all levels, especially amongst those who focus on their own personal results instead of the team's success. However, Devon isn't that kind of player.

"I'm not too concerned with my statistics because the team went 2-8. I'm not going to be worried about that. We have to get better."

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