Illini In The Mix For Detroit Star Gholston

Sometimes, you just know a great athlete when he walks into a room. The way he walks, the confident presence he radiates, the way others defer to him all confirm that fact. Detroit Southeastern star linebacker/defensive end William Gholston is one of those athletes.

There were a large number of Michigan athletes in attendance at a recent Scout 7 on 7 camp held in Columbus, Ohio. Two teams worth, in fact. There were some outstanding players there, but William Gholston was the most noticeable.

Perhaps it is his frame. William says he is 6'-7", 242 pounds. He has an exquisite build that looks slender on his tall frame. But perhaps it is his smile and supreme confidence that help him stand out in a crowd. He has a star's countenance and obvious leadership skills.

Upon meeting him, one sees his big, bright smile. His handshake is the firmest around. He loves meeting new people, and he makes them feel welcome. In fact, his friendliness will likely require him to take his time making a decision on his college future. After all, it might be hard for him to turn down some programs.

New defensive line coach Keith Gilmore recruits Detroit for Illinois, so he has made contact with the four-star prospect.

"Illinois has offered me a scholarship. I just got it in the mail a couple days ago. I'm not trying to narrow it down. I'm taking a close look at all the offers that I've gotten. I'm looking at everybody."

At this time, he has received scholarship offers from more than 25 schools. He is especially popular with Big 10, SEC, and Big East schools. Besides Illinois, he mentions Florida, Miami (Florida), Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin. Many more are in pursuit.

His first priority at the Scout camp was playing with his new friends from the state of Michigan.

"I want to get to know people from the state. I'm just getting to know some guys. I didn't know they were sophomores, but a couple sophomores play pretty well too."

Gholston is a defensive player, but he also helped out on offense by snapping to the quarterback. He wanted to do everything possible to help his team win.

"This is a pretty good camp. We've got most all the talent from Michigan, and we've got our stuff together right now. At first, we came out a little bit tense. Now that we're relaxed, we're just having fun and chilling out. We're playing the great game of football."

While he may end up as a defensive end in college, he had other aspirations for the Scout camp.

"I'm playing middle linebacker right now, but I may switch to outside linebacker or safety. And I may play tight end and receiver as the day goes on. In the fall, I will be a linebacker."

He says distance from home is no factor for him when choosing his school. What is he looking for in a college?

"I'm looking for a comfortable environment where I can just be myself and not worry about so many pressures. I know there's gonna be pressure coming in as a freshman, but somewhere I will be comfortable and where there's no negativity, just positive."

William "Too Tall" Gholston started both his freshman and sophomore years at Detroit Mumford before transferring to Detroit Southeastern. He had 19 sacks his sophomore year and made All-State as a junior. His second cousin is former Ohio State star Vernon Gholston, also a defensive end.

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