Pechloff Works To Attract College Scouts

College football recruiting is highly competitive, and enterprising recruiters are checking out high school kids who are sophomores or younger. Like basketball, there is a tendency to recruit increasingly younger kids. But when a player like Brandon Pechloff is buried on the bench behind an upperclassman, colleges may be unaware of him.

Brandon Pechloff will be starting at quarterback for Montini Catholic this fall. But he played only a mop-up role last fall. He wasn't too happy sitting on the bench.

"I didn't start my junior year. It was political."

The senior starter continued to win game after game, allowing him to remain in the starter's role. Now, Pechloff must go to camps and combines to make a name for himself and attract college recruiters. One of those camps was a Scout 7 on 7 tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

"I think this is a lot of fun. It's a great way to get out on spring break and do something active and have a lot of fun with a lot of cool people."

It was also a way for him to show off his skills. The 6'-6", 230 pound lefty demonstrated a deft touch, good vision and a strong arm. He hopes he is through growing, as some colleges believe a quarterback can be too tall for the position.

Brandon attended a number of camps last summer, but he did poorly when he visited an Illinois one-day camp.

"I was completely wasted after about 17 straight days of camps, and I couldn't do anything right."

Fortunately for Pechloff, Illinois hasn't given up on him. Visiting one of the Illini's spring practices, he discussed why he is still considering Illinois.

"They continued to keep in touch with me even though I did poorly. I will always appreciate them for that."

Right now, his reputation is built almost entirely on potential. Most schools want to see how he performs once he is in charge of his high school team. But he still has an impressive array of schools keeping in touch with him.

"Ohio State, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana, Cincinnati, UCLA, Arizona, Connecticut, all over the place."

Most of Brandon's family resides in California, and his father, also 6'-6", attended UCLA. So it is no coincidence he and his family visited UCLA recently.

"My father would love to see me go to UCLA, but that remains to be seen. They haven't offered me a scholarship yet."

Perhaps Pechloff will find that late is better than never. Not only should he be the starter on Montini Catholic this year, his team might just be competing for a state championship. Addison Driscoll closed its doors after a long string of state championships, and those football players must find another school to attend.

"It sounds like most of Addison Driscoll's players will be transferring to Montini, so we could be great this year."

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