Davaris Daniels A Name To Remember

There are a select few high school football players who have the athleticism and maturity to excel at a young age. They burst onto the scene and attract college recruiters from all over the country. One such athlete is Davaris Daniels. The upcoming junior from Vernon Hills has the talent and bloodlines to be one of the top receiver prospects in the 2011 class.

Davaris Daniels has been on the national radar since his freshman year in high school. He put up some gaudy receiving statistics even then, and he started all his games for Vernon Hills High School last fall as a sophomore.

He attended the Scout Combine in Evanston Saturday. He was hoping to show off his skills, but an injury made him strictly an observer.

"I tweaked my hamstring last week at the Football University Camp. I feel like I could stick with them, so I wish I could be out here."

The son of Washington Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels is enjoying the early celebrity.

"It's going pretty good. It's been a good experience. I'm feeling good about my situation and the schools that are looking at me right now."

Those schools are plentiful already, and they will only expand in scope as he continues his high school career.

"A lot of the schools in the South, I'm from the South. And a whole bunch of schools from around here like Notre Dame, Illinois, Iowa, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Illinois State, Iowa State. And then I've got a couple on the West coast, Oregon and Oregon State. Too many to remember."

Daniels is enjoying the experience so far.

"Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Knowing how other schools are looking at you and how your name is out there all over the world is kind of nice."

He knows recruiting may eventually become a headache for him, but he is wise enough to understand the process.

"I've got to go through it so I can see what school is best for me."

Even though his official signing day is almost two years away, the 6'-2", 190 pounder already has a goal in mind for when he will decide upon a college.

"It sounds far away, but I'll probably make my decision second semester of my junior year or first semester of my senior year."

The cool, windy conditions at Evanston Saturday made him long for his roots.

"I moved to Illinois in first grade when I was 7 years old. I'm originally from Georgia. I still think of myself from the South."

Davaris is an intelligent young man, and he has a broad understanding of the high school experience.

"I put up a lot of stats last year. They say your second year is your hardest year because you hit a slump. But the experience of being on the varsity for the second time, and getting through that first full year on the varsity is good experience for me."

He is looking forward to the fall campaign, although he may be making a position change to help the team.

"We look pretty good. We're changing up the offense a little. They're thinking about moving me to quarterback. Everybody's working pretty hard right now, and we're looking pretty good."

Whatever position he plays, he sees himself as a receiver.

"I prefer wide receiver, that's my first position. Moving to quarterback's going to be a wild transition, but I guess it will be all right."

His perception of his best attributes fits precisely into the definition of a future star college receiver.

"Speed, I have a lot of speed. My hands aren't that big, but they catch the ball. I've been working on my route running, so that's probably the main three."

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