Time Is Right For Miller

The move from Chicago to North Carolina has been good for Quincy Miller. Inside Illini catches up with the rising sophomore to discuss his adjustment to a new place and recruitment.

Prior to his sophomore year, Quincy Miller made a tough decision. Electing to leave his home in Chicago, the talented 6-foot-8 forward made a move to Winston-Salem, N.C., to attend the Quality Education Academy.

According to Miller, the move was designed to get him away from the city and into an environment with fewer distractions. Mission accomplished.

"It's a lot more slow out here," said Miller. "It's been good for me. I was towards the south side of Chicago before coming out here and there were lots of distractions."

At Q.E.A., Miller has seen his stock soar. Emerging as a big man who can shoot the ball, runs the floor with fluid athleticism and has budding wing skill, Miller is just scratching the surface of what he can be as a player

"I see myself as a face-up four. Or I can play out on the wing some," said Miller. "I probably need to improve my ball handling a bit. I also need to get a bit stronger."

Not so surprisingly, Miller has also been attracting plenty of attention from college coaches. In fact, the offers have started to pour in.

"Everybody has been in contact with my coach," Miller told Inside Illini. "I've got a couple of offers from Wake Forest, Purdue, Illinois, and South Carolina. I think that's about it."

Additionally, programs that have been in touch include Memphis, North Carolina, Duke, USC and Connecticut.

At this point in his recruitment, Miller says that he doesn't have any favorites and he steers clear of discussing any one school or the other in specific detail. However, he does say that he's watching the programs recruiting him closely to try and learn as much about them as possible.

"I look for new moves, I watch what everybody does on offense," said Miller of what he's looking for when watching college hoops. "I also look for how people my position play defense."

For now, Miller is in no rush to set up any favorites or cut down his list. He's looking forward to seeing what other schools are looking to get involved and thinks it's just too early to be thinking about it. "I haven't really been thinking about it," said Miller. "I like the attention that I'm getting because of all of it, but that's it."

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