Sayed An Underrated Receiver Prospect

In the quest for the perfect football player, some quality athletes are overlooked. If they don't have top end speed or ideal size, they may not garner the attention they deserve. Baquer Sayed is just such a player. The Dearborn Fordson receiver lacks great speed. He just makes plays.

Dearborn Fordson High School product Baquer Sayed made a positive impression at the Scout 7 on 7 camp in Columbus, Ohio. The 6'-2", 190 pound receiver became a go-to player for his Michigan team. Scout's Midwest Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu filed this report on Baquer's play.

"After initially being quiet, the Michigan quarterbacks discovered him, and he became the guy they went to when the chips were down. He was their fade guy, and he outjumped several defensive backs and came away with tough catches. He also made a few diving grabs on out routes that were impressive.

"The question on him was speed and separation, but against some of the quicker corners at the camp, he got open and made plays. He also had one catch and run for a touchdown, which showed some of his ability after the catch."

Sayed has received scholarship offers from Ohio and Ball State. He has sent letters to schools all over the country, and he has received a positive response from a number of them. He lists several.

"Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Cal, Stanford. A lot of schools near us like Toledo, Ivy League, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Illinois."

Sayed first met Illinois assistant coach Keith Gilmore before he was hired by Coach Ron Zook.

"I was involved with Coach Gilmore when he was at Cincinnati. My coach is a real good friend with him, and I heard he is a real good guy.

"He said they like everything about me. They asked what my forty time was, and they invited me to come to their one day camp. They're on me. They've been e-mailing me."

Sayed has definite strengths that are assets for a receiver. He is quick to explain his best trait.

"Jump ball. I like to go get it."

He is aware of his deficiencies as well.

"Strength and speed."

Sayed has been working to improve those weaknesses. He was clocked recently at 4.6 for 40 yards, and his strength is improving as well.

Antoine Edwards, an assistant coach at Detroit Renaissance, helped coach Sayed's team at the Scout camp. He was impressed.

"Baqs is an excellent receiver. I hear all the knocks on him, but I don't see all that. I see a competitor, a guy that can get open and a guy with great ball skills who can out jump, out leap people and comes down with most things. He catches everything in his vicinity, and he's a tremendous, tremendous kid."

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