DL Danny Palmer Has Family In C-U

The sunshine state has been a recruiting hotbed for the Fighting Illini. In recent years, Coach Ron Zook and Coach Dan Disch have made Illinois an attractive destination for Florida players. This year is no different. One of their targets is lineman Danny Palmer.

The summer looks to be a busy time for Danny Palmer as he visits numerous schools in hopes of landing offers.

"I'm expecting a couple of offers in the next couple of weeks when I go visit all the schools. I'm going to Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Marshall, Northwestern, Illinois of course, Missouri, and Minnesota. Those will be over the next couple of weeks. I'm going to Marshall, Minnesota and Syracuse this weekend. I'll be visiting Illinois and Northwestern the week of June 22nd for a one day camp."

The 6'4", 240 pound defensive end is very familiar with the University of Illinois and Champaign-Urbana, though he hasn't been back since the Memorial Stadium renovations have been completed.

"Yes I do have family in Champaign, and so I have been to Champaign. My whole family is from Illinois. I have an aunt and uncle who live in Champaign. I was born in Florida, but my whole family is from Illinois."

As a result, Palmer roots for teams from both states.

"Well, I root for Illinois and Northwestern because my whole family is from there, I root for the University of Central Florida because it's so close, and I'm a fan of the University of South Florida."

Palmer has been in frequent contact with the Illinois program and is impressed with the support the city gives the university.

"Coach Dan Disch is my recruiting coach. I talk to Coach Disch and Coach Zook on the phone, and I email Coach Disch at least two to three times week. I feel like Illinois has a great fan base and has a lot of support behind it. Some places the school is in a big city, but I feel like Champaign is built around the school. Like, the whole town really supports the school."

The defensive end from Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte, Florida, visited three schools in the spring.

"I went to Duke's spring game, and I went on visits to USF and UCF."

Unlike in Illinois, high schools in Florida have spring practices and a spring game, enabling Palmer and his team to get better throughout the year.

"We work out as a team every morning at 5:30 am during the summer. When it gets closer to the football season, in August or so, we start doing two-a-days. Last year we had a younger team. No one expected us to do well. We actually did alright.

"We got to the first round of the playoffs and went 8-4. This year we're only losing 5 starters, and we're going to have an excellent year. We just played our spring game, and we beat the other team, 35-0.

Palmer discussed his playing style.

"I'm not a flashy player. I'm an intense, aggressive guy who fights very hard in the trenches, and I pride myself in working harder and being tougher than the other guy, sort of like (Brian) Urlacher. He's a big time player, but he's not flashy and doesn't show off.

"I played anywhere from a two technique defensive tackle to a speed end. I also play offensive tackle and some tight end in some situations. Colleges are looking at me as a defensive end or defensive tackle."

Palmer reports a 990 (math/verbal) on the SAT and a 19 on the ACT. He has a 3.4 GPA.

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