Brother Rice Lineman Gallik Emerging

Summer football camps are loaded with offensive line prospects. No matter how few players sign up for a one-day camp at Illinois, at least one is an offensive lineman. But the Illini had a visit this past week from Andy Gallik, an offensive lineman from Chicago Brother Rice, and he has a scholarship offer without needing to try out at a camp.

Andy Gallik stopped by Friday afternoon to get better acquainted with Illinois coaches and players, showing his strong interest in the program. But he was already familiar with the campus.

"This is my third time being down here, so I'm gonna stick around, talk with the staff, get a feel for everything. I already know where everything's at. I could give a tour if I had to. I feel real comfortable here."

The barrel-chested 6'-3", 300 pound Brother Rice product is a tremendous prospect, as his listing of his best talents can attest.

"My athleticism is my number one attribute. I'm 300 pounds, and I can keep up with some of the fastest guys out there. Pulling, traps are among my favorite stuff."

With that speed and quickness, Gallik could theoretically play anywhere across the line. But college coaches are looking at him as an inside player.

"I play right tackle in high school, but I'm being recruited as a guard."

The ultimate goal of an offensive lineman is to block a defensive lineman and then secure a secondary block downfield. Gallik is working to improve that aspect of his game.

"I want to work on getting to the linebacker. We don't do it that much in high school, so I need to work on my angles to the linebacker. The defensive linemen try to tie you up and prevent you from getting past them to get to the linebacker."

Gallik has specific characteristics in mind when looking for a college destination.

"I'm looking for a campus that isn't real spread out or classes where its hard to move from one to another. Somewhere I feel comfortable, with coaches that connect with me. And playing time is really huge. I understand the level of play is so much greater."

Illinois has two main competitors for Gallik's services.

"Boston College and Minnesota. I go to Minnesota on the 30th, and hopefully I'll make a decision after that."

Gallik is a man who knows what he wants. And that includes his college major.

"I want to be an Exercise Science major, maybe be an athletic trainer. Perhaps start my own business one day."

Gallik plays for a powerful program at Brother Rice. He has high goals for the fall.

"Hopefully a state championship. Last year, we were one of the top teams in the state. I think we have the team to do it this year."

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