Unheralded Jamison Has Versatile Game

Basketball fans love the flashy player. The athletic leaper who dominates a game is coveted by all schools. But winning teams also must possess glue guys who hold the team together and provide the intangibles necessary for success. Steven Jamison of Indianapolis Broad Ripple is one of those players.

The Illinois team basketball camp showcased a number of top prospects from schools in Indiana. Indianapolis Broad Ripple has one of the most dynamic youngsters in the midwest in shooting guard Ron Patterson, an upcoming sophomore. His explosiveness tends to overshadow junior teammate Steven Jamison, who is talented in his own right.

Jamison has had to grow up rapidly as his high school team lacks senior leadership.

"Last year, we finished 11-10. We lost to Lawrence North in the sectionals. We had a real young team. We started four sophomores and a freshman. So it was an up-and-down season basically."

There was a leadership void on the team that Jamison has begun to fill.

"I think I'm taking on a bigger leadership role to the underclassmen. When I came in as a freshman, the upperclassmen helped me out so I think I can help the underclassmen get used to high school and get used to the different levels."

Patterson can get his shot anytime he wants. He is easy to spot on the court. But it is Jamison who keeps the team together and provides the consistent inside-outside game necessary to compliment Patterson. He has the skills to be a major college player, and he describes his game accurately.

"I think I'm a real good slasher. I'm a real good rebounder for my size; I averaged 11 rebounds last year. I can create mismatches because I'm 6'-5", 6'-6". I can play point, 2 and 3. I think my best attribute is that I'm versatile. And I can shoot the outside shot."

Jamison is also a hard worker and ambitious, wanting to refine all parts of his game.

"I want to improve my decision-making and my defense because I want to be able to lock my man down, the best player on the team. We work out as a team, but Ron and I have a trainer as well. We work out individually."

Jamison is flying under the radar. He has no scholarship offers yet, but that will undoubtedly change as he fills out his slender frame and continues to mature. He hears a lot from Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon State, Valparaiso and Butler, but two other schools are especially interesting to him.

"I like Purdue and I like Illinois. I love Illinois actually because it's close and I've come to a lot of games. I don't really have a favorite school right now."

Jamison is also overshadowed on his AAU team, but they are winning and he is getting exposure.

"I'm with the Spiece Heat 2010, but I'm playing up though. I'm playing with seniors. We're doing pretty good. We've got a lot of talent on our team like Marques Teague. We won a tournament, so we're doing pretty good."

Jamison is one of these players who doesn't stand out but who works hard every day and makes few mistakes. After all the major colleges tire of fighting over the 5-star prospects, one or more will begin to notice Jamison's long-term potential. He has the look of a winner.

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