Bishop McNamara Junior Drawing Heavy Interest

Although official scholarships can't be offered until September 1st of a player's junior year, that doesn't mean schools can't show interest in a player months earlier. One player who has received early national interest is Matt Frazier. The Illinois junior is poised to have a breakout season and make a name for himself.

Kankakee Bishop McNamara began its season with a 27-14 Catholic Catholic White conference win over St. Ignatius.

"I knew our offense was going to be pretty good," Matt Frazier states. "I was a little bit disappointed with our defense. I thought we could have done a little bit better. We definitely a lost a players. We had 21 seniors last year and most of them were starters.

"We lost our quarterback, our main receiver, a lot of defensive players. So we need a lot of guys to step up this year. This year I think we have half and half juniors and seniors starting."

While a lot of teams play nonconference games early on in the season, Bishop McNamara's out of conference games come later against some of the best in the state.

"We play Brother Rice and St. Rita in nonconference. They're some of the best in state, but we hang with them."

The 6'-3.5", 270 pound lineman has one year of varsity experience under his belt and is looking to be a leader on both sides of the ball.

"This is going to be my second year on varsity. I started my sophomore at left tackle too and played nose guard. This year I play left tackle, defensive end, and defensive tackle. I want to improve my defense. I want to get better at my tackling and my blocks.

"As an offensive lineman, I can always get quicker and stronger. I bench 385 and squat 450. I want to get my 40 time down. I think my pass blocking and my technique are the best part of my game."

Even before his junior season began, Frazier had been attracting attention from some of the premier college football programs in the country.

"I've received information from UCLA, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio State. It was very surprising. I wasn't aware that they could contact me yet. So yeah, I was very surprised that those kinds of schools are looking at me. I'm pretty sure that all the schools that have contacted me are looking at me as an offensive lineman."

Frazier plays for one Fighting Irish team while following another.

"I grew up a fan of Notre Dame, always Notre Dame. I went to a Notre Dame four-day camp and a one-day camp this summer. I got invited to go to the Notre Dame opener. So I'm going to go there, visit the coaches, and see the campus."

Besides Notre Dame, Frazier will be visiting other college campuses this fall.

"I'll be going to either Iowa or Ohio State as well. I've already been to Illinois for a visit, but will visit again for a game this fall. The visit was over the summer. It was a visit just to visit Illinois as a school and the facilities. One of the secretaries in the football office invited me to come back for a game this fall."

The Illinois coaches and facilities left an impression on Frazier.

"We met the coaches. Coach Gilmore was very impressed with what he saw. They see me as a guard. I went to one Illinois game as a kid, but I don't remember it that well. The visit was the first time I had been to Illinois in a long time.

"I was very impressed with it. The facilities were awesome, and everyone there was so welcoming. The players were excellent. I really liked it. It was awesome, great."

Though he plays left tackle for his high school team, Frazier does have some experience at guard.

"Freshman year I played some guard, and in practice I've played some guard. Just because of our personnel, I've had to play left tackle."

Frazier has played basketball in each of his first two years of high school, but is undecided if he will play again this year. He might choose to do shot-put and discus in the spring.

Frazier is certainly a prospect worth keeping an eye on. He has the potential to develop into one of the best overall prospects in the state and certainly one of the top linemen in the state.

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