Indiana Star Austin Burgett Visits Illinois

The Fighting Illini basketball team is attracted to the state of Indiana for 2012 prospects. There are top players all over that state, and there isn't room for all of them at their state schools. Avon, Indiana, power forward Austin Burgett visited the Illini Saturday. He has a bright future.

Austin Burgett attracted numerous college recruiters with his play in the summer AAU circuit. The slender 6'-8" power forward impressed with his velvet shooting touch and athleticism for his size.

"I played with the Spiece Indy All-Stars 15U team. July we started off pretty strong. The first two tournaments we won and played pretty good. The last two tournaments we played up a grade, and we started losing. We started playing individually."

Now preparing for the upcoming basketball season at Avon, Burgett is excited about the potential of his team.

"So far, practices are going well. I think we're gonna be pretty good. We had a scrimmage this Thursday against Martinsville, and we won by 20."

Shooting is a big part of his game.

"My strength is my midrange. I'm working on that."

Burgett knows he must continue to improve. What else does he want to work on?

"I'd say post moves, getting better in the post. That and increasing my strength. I'll be an in and out player."

Burgett attended the Illinois game with Presbyterian College Saturday evening.

"This is my second visit to Illinois. I'd never before been to a game. I like it so far. This is the first time I get to see the stadium. I didn't really get to see it before. It's pretty big."

He has a good relationship with his Illini recruiting coach.

"Jay Price is my recruiter. I like him. He's a good guy, a good laid back guy."

Even though Burgett still has three high school seasons to play, he has seen his popularity take off. A large number of schools are in regular contact.

"Xavier, Cincinnati, IU, Purdue, Northwestern, Illinois. After awhile, it's hard to remember them all."

He had an equally hard time remembering all those who have offered scholarships.

"I've been offered scholarships by Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio, Northwestern, Butler, Iowa."

Of all the schools he could have visited, coming to the Illini game is a positive sign. Burgett hopes to visit other schools for games there, but his free time is short.

"Yeah, but I don't know yet. I've been looking at their schedules, seeing when I can come. We play alot of times when they are."

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