Illinois Gets New Quarterback Commit

When the Fighting Illini decided to make Eddie McGee's move to receiver permanent, they realized they were down to three quarterbacks on the football roster. Fortunately, they knew about a tremendous quarterback at Mt. Prospect named Miles Osei who fit nicely into their offensive plans. Osei committed to Illinois and will join the qb derby in the fall.

Miles Osei didn't go to a lot of summer camps or try to get his name out to college recruiters. The Prospect high school quarterback concentrated on being the best quarterback he could be, with great success.

The 6'-1", 190 pound lefty had around 8500 total yards in his three year high school career. He had 2200 yards passing and 1200 yards rushing with 40 touchdowns his junior year. He followed up by amassing 2365 yards passing for 18 touchdowns passing and just 2 interceptions and another 1270 yards rushing and 21 more TD's his senior year.

The dual threat quarterback can play either in a pro style attack or a spread offense with equal results according to Prospect coach Brent Pearlman, speaking to ESPN.

"When you hear dual-threat quarterback, I think he's the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback. I think if someone wants him to sit in the pocket and throw, he could. If you wanted him to run more, he could. I think he could do both."

Pearlman says Osei's leadership had a positive effect on his team.

"I think his biggest asset is he's a winner. When he walks on the field, he feels like he's going to get the job done. That poise and confidence carries over to everybody."

Osei is mentally and physically tough, can read defenses to find open receivers and make plays with his feet. More than anything, he is a student of the game.

"He is thorough in everything he does -- whether it's practicing, weight lifting, speed training," Pearlman told the Chicago Tribune. "Everything he does, he does exactly right. He can tell you what every player does on every play. That is the way he does everything."

Osei originally committed to Northern Illinois but always had an interest in Illinois. When new offensive coordinator Paul Petrino saw his high school film, he made Osei a point of emphasis.

Former star Illini guard Jon Asamoah also originally committed to NIU before switching to Illinois. If Osei has the same degree of success following Asamoah's example, Illini coaches will be happy indeed.

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