Zach Colvin Surprised By Early Illini Offer

The Fighting Illini coaches are making a concerted effort to lock up the best talent in Illinois. Already having pulled one in-state talent for the 2011 class, the Illinois coaches are hoping defensive end Zach Colvin will be among the next to pull the trigger.

Zach Colvin, the 6'-4", 242 pound defensive end from Minooka High School, recently receive an Illinois offer. He didn't expect it this soon.

"I thought maybe the offer was going to come in the next couple of months based on the way things were going. Coach [Paul] Petrino wanted me to come down for a visit before thing went any further, but they offered me before I went down.

"So, yea I was surprised. I'm looking to make a midweek visit during the next couple of weeks. My school gives us days to use for recruiting, so I'll use one of those."

"I talked to Coach [Keith] Gilmore. He told me they really, really liked my film. They liked how I'm very, very quick for my size and how I was in the backfield."

Illinois' bad season last year hasn't impacted Colvin's opinion of the school.

"I like the school. I've been down there for basketball tournaments. They have good facilities. They're still a good program, but they just had a rough year."

Although Illinois is his only offer right now, a host of schools are interested in the defensive end.

"Arizona, Northern Illinois, Ball State, Western Michigan, Illinois State, Wisconsin and a couple other schools are recruiting me. Other than the Illinois visit, I don't have any other plans to visit other schools."

Colvin has grown up around Big 10 football.

"My grandpa and my dad went to Michigan State. My grandpa played there. I've always liked them. I grew up watching them. Big 10 football is what I like to watch. I've grown up around it."

Besides the football side of things, Colvin is looking for something specific in the academic side of a school.

"I'm looking for a good physical education program because I want to be a coach. I just love football and sports. I want to be a college football coach, but if I can't be then I'll be a high school coach."

Heading into next season, Minooka will rely on Colvin to provide senior leadership on the defensive line.

"I'm the only returning starting defensive lineman. It'll be my third year on varsity, so I'll be the veteran of the group. We also lost three starting offensive linemen.

"The good news is that we return nearly all of our skills position players. I've played a little bit of tight end, wing back, and defensive tackle over the years.

"My sophomore defensive line coach pushed me really hard. He saw I had the talent to go far. During my sophomore season, in a game against Morris, I was in the backfield all day making plays. After the game, my coach told me my best days were ahead of me. And now I have a BCS offer."

Colvin is a three sport athlete.

"I play basketball, baseball, and football. I'm in the middle of baseball. We're going to be pretty darn good. We have a kid going to the University of Texas. We're pretty well rounded and have a lot of depth."

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