TE/DE Calvin Lewis Looking For Offers

It isn't easy to be noticed when you play football for a small school in Illinois. Unless you attend camps and combines to show your wares, it is easy to be overlooked. When a school like Illinois has a number of coaching changes, it takes awhile to canvass the state for players. Tight end Calvin Lewis of tiny Stark County is one who is waiting for more attention.

Stark County tight end Calvin Lewis named the schools recruiting him.

"Arizona, Georgia, LSU, and Iowa. Illinois contacted me once about three weeks ago."

Is he frustrated more schools don't know about him?

"Not really. My first letter was from UCLA. I was shocked I got one from way out there."

Lewis lives in the town of Wyoming, but he moved several times before settling there.

"I was born in Chicago. I lived there awhile, then I lived in Peoria awhile. Then I moved here to live with my grandparents in Wyoming. I moved back to Peoria for awhile and then back to Wyoming. I've been here about 8 years now."

Lewis says he is 6'-6" and weighs 245 pounds. Like numerous receivers at small schools, his receptions as a tight end depend on the quality of his quarterback.

"I'm very athletic, but our quarterback can't really throw when it's wet. So we pretty much have to run if it's raining. I have good speed for my size, and good hands too. I enjoy the blocking a little bit."

Lewis is a two-way star for Stark County.

"I play defensive end. I was the second or third highest tackler on the season. We played a three man front, and we have three extra guys. So we rotated every possession pretty much. I probably made around three sacks a game."

Athletes like Lewis are needed for multiple sports at small schools, and he enjoys the challenge.

"I play basketball, and I'm playing baseball this year instead of track. I plan to play pitcher and first base."

Lewis was a participant in the Class 1A dunk contest. While he enjoys football, he must split his time in the summers between it and his second love.

"I also play AAU basketball. I play AAU with a bunch of kids from Midland and a kid from ElPaso Gridley. We won a lot of games last summer."

He has attended two summer football camps previously.

"At the beginning of my sophomore year, I went to the Northern Illinois football camp. And then at the beginning of my junior year I went to Iowa."

Lewis realizes he needs to attend more football camps when his schedule permits.

"I plan to go to 2 or 3 football camps before basketball."

While he is unsure of his summer plans, there is one trip he expects to take for sure.

"My uncle lives down in Arizona, and I got a football camp flyer from Arizona. I'm probably gonna go down there."

Illinois may need to see him in camp to evaluate him properly.

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