Courtney Williams Opens Eyes With Play

There are a large number of football players capable of playing major college football who, for one reason or another, go unnoticed by the recruiters. Camps and combines provide these athletes an opportunity to show what they can do. Michigan wide receiver/safety Courtney Williams opened a few eyes with his play at a recent 7 on 7 camp in Ann Arbor.

Courtney Williams is being evaluated by a number of college football programs. Listed as a safety, the Melvindale, Michigan athlete played only wide receiver at the Badger Sport/New Level Athletics 7 on 7 camp in Ann Arbor recently and proceeded to star for his team.

The well-built 6'-2", 200 pounder is competitive and has good awareness on the field. He is willing to play either offense or defense, whatever his school needs from him.

"It really don't matter. As you can see today, I've basically just been at receiver all day and made some big plays for us."

That he did. He found ways to get open, and he caught everything thrown his way. After each reception, he was a threat to reach the end zone. He isn't flashy, just consistent and resilient. He was one of the few who enjoyed competing against dominant Highland Park, Michigan, cornerback Raymon Taylor.

"It's all in good fun. We shake hands and call it a day afterwards. He's a great corner. I like playing against him."

Williams gave as much as he got, and he was able to use his size and strength to advantage. And he showed excellent speed after the catch.

"Yeah, I've been working on it lately."

What does Williams consider his best traits as a football player?

"Probably my speed and my length. I have great power in my arms. I try to use as much power as I can. I have some physicality. I like competition. I take it as a challenge. And I have good hands."

While he has no offers yet, that is likely to change in the near future. He has a number of schools following his progress.

"Besides Illinois, Michigan State, Michigan just recently started contacting me, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Vanderbilt. There's been a lot of Big 10 schools."

Williams has an idea what he wants from his college experience.

"Me and my mother talked about it. Academics comes first. As far as sports is concerned, it has to be something I can work with. It doesn't matter what kind of offense or anything, as long as I'm getting touches at some point by the time I leave."

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