Long Day Worthwhile As Taylor Sees Illini

The life of a football prospect can be tenuous at times. Whether it is traveling to see different schools, attending camps and combines, or just fending off calls from numerous coaches and websites, recruiting can be a time-consuming and tiresome process. Raymon Taylor made the trip from Detroit and back in one day to see the Illini play ball.

Highland Park, Michigan, cornerback Raymon Taylor had to get up early to be at Memorial Stadium in time to watch Illinois play its Spring Game. After all, it is a 6 hour drive one way.

"We made it down and back in one day. It was a long, long day."

Was it worth the trip?

"I had a great time. I really enjoyed myself."

Taylor paid special attention to the Illini defense and came away impressed.

"I liked the defense, how tough they are. They want to play, they want to win. I like how aggressive the defense is. I'd love playing with them. Wherever it is, they make their way to the ball. And they have good chemistry on the field, like they've been playing with each other for a long time."

Taylor is known for his physicality on defense. He is a lockdown cover corner.

"I try. It's just my thing. You've just got to come play, that's how I look at everything. I want a scholarship just like any other guy. So I try to compete."

He has the attitude all defenses need.

"I look at everybody, and nobody's better than me, so I'm gonna compete and hopefully come out on top."

Taylor packs a wallop with his 5'-10", 175 pound frame. Desire, a dominant personality and regular workouts have helped him overcome his lack of size on the football field.

"I work out regularly at the Powerhouse. I bench press around 265. That's my max."

He is also ambitious. He doesn't want to sit on the bench long at the college of his choice.

"At all the schools, the first thing I ask is how many dbs they have. I want to know the first time I can get on the field and play. I don't want to go to college and sit down for one to two years. So right now what I'm looking for is a school I can come in and play at."

That should be music to the ears of Illinois coaches as they are not blessed with great depth at cornerback. He spent time with coaches Vic Koenning and Keith Gilmore on his visit.

"I talked to the defensive coordinator, and I talked to Coach Gilmore, the defensive line coach. He's my recruiting coordinator."

Does Taylor want to make a return visit to Champaign-Urbana?

"Oh yeah, I'll make my way back down there next time I can. Coach Gilmore said he'd let me know. I'll definitely make my way down."

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