Florida Receiver Orr Receives Illini Offer

As he continues to install his offense at Illinois, Coach Paul Petrino is recruiting wide receivers who fit his offense. Using his recruiting connections, Petrino is combing the state of Florida for such players. One player who has caught his eye is Trenier Orr.

Trenier Orr, a 5'-11", 175 pound receiver and defensive back from Ocoee High School in Florida, received a call from his coach a couple of weeks before school ended.

"Illinois offered me about three weeks before school ended. I didn't realize they'd offered me until my coach called me and told me he had received an offer for me. I went into to his office and was real excited for the offer. Illinois is one of the schools I really like, and to get an offer was exciting."

He hasn't finalized a date yet, but Orr is talking with Paul Petrino to set up an official visit for the fall.

"Coach Petrino and I talk over the phone and through email. He wants me to come up for a visit, but we haven't set up any date yet."

Orr currently holds two other offers.

"Colorado State and Eastern Michigan have offered as well. Illinois is looking at me as a wide receiver, but those two are recruiting me as a defensive back.

"It doesn't matter what position I play. I like both. It's going to come down to which school I like the most and which school I'd rather be at for four years."

Orr isn't in any hurry to make a decision.

"I want to take my visits. My mom also really wants me to take my visits and be sure of my decision."

With that said, one school is standing out for Orr.

"I'm really thinking Illinois right now."

Following a lack of senior leadership last year, Orr is ready to fill that role.

"Last year, the seniors didn't really listen to the coaches. This year, we listen to our coaches and we're getting better because of it. We finished 6-3 or 7-3 last year, but I believe we can be better because we work hard as a team this year. Everyone is focused and driven to win.

"We lost a lot of our starters last year. We only have four returning defensive starters, including me at strong safety, but that's football. We're going to build off our record last year and become a better team."

Although he currently runs a 4.5 40, Orr is working hard to improve on that.

"Coach [Patrick] Miller has been working with me all summer. We've been doing weightlifting and conditioning all summer. I'd like to think that my quickness is a strength to my game, but I can always improve."

Orr is a student of the game and recently spent some time teaching other football players at a high school in Gainesville football fundamentals.

"Coach Miller has taught me real well so I'm comfortable teaching other kids the positions. We were just up in Gainesville helping teach what we do at Ocoee."

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