Illinois Still A Possibity For Ohio Receiver

Tall receivers are plentiful when it comes to recruiting. But find one who can combine height with good hands, blazing speed, and a knack for making big plays and you've described A.J. Jordan, the Ohio receiver numerous programs seek to recruit.

Trotwood, Ohio is the home of A.J. Jordan, a 6'3" wide receiver from the perennially successful Trotwood-Madison high school. Jordan has collected over 20 offers from BCS programs, and when you look at his abilities in addition to his success thus far it is easy to see why he has garnered so much attention.

"We want to make it to state this year. We came a couple games short last year. We want to go undefeated at home. We've just been having summer workouts and putting in work. Two-a-days started August 3rd. This year we're having three-a-days too."

Jordan's a team-first player but knows what also makes him a weapon for his quarterback.

"I think I can always step up when they need me for a first down or a touchdown, and I can be that go to guy. I think I'm a little bit of both a possession and deep threat receiver. I'll get the yards however. I want to improve my stats from last year, especially yards after catch."

With the effort Jordan gives, he will no doubt succeed on the next level, which Jordan has been giving plenty of consideration to lately.

"I'm going to start trimming things down now, really. I've been working on it but I still have some to go. I'm going to Michigan State soon for a visit."

Jordan's offer list is nothing less than stellar, but among all of those offers, a few have emerged toward the top for him.

"Two schools that stick out are Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan, I have some other teammates up there from high school. The coaches are cool and the program is nice.

"At Wisconsin they have more of a pro-style offense that will prepare me for the next level. I don't mind pro-style or spread, as long as I can contribute."

Not far behind is Illinois.

"Illinois is still up there. I want to get back down there to meet with the coaches again. They're still one of my favorites. Just a little behind Michigan and Wisconsin."

Jordan was able to attend the Junior day in April at Illinois and got a taste of the Illinois football program.

"It was a really good experience. I got to see the campus, watch the practice. Everything went well, they coaches are all cool and I liked the facilities."

One coach he spent time with was quarterback coach Jeff Brohm.

"Coach Brohm and I keep in touch just to see how I'm doing. He's a real down to earth guy, a guy I can talk to about anything."

So with a few leaders emerging, Jordan has some preliminary plans for a decision.

"I'd like to have it done by early to mid season. Take officials early and decide."

With the persistence of the Illinois coaches in recruiting, there's no doubt that they will be after Jordan until he decides, and the interest seems to be mutual and promising.

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