Q & A Jakeen Gilmore Part 1

Jakeen Gilmore, who sat out last season with academic difficulties, discusses his grades, the development of Quarterback Matt LoVecchio and how he'll matchup against the Big Ten's best corners next season.

How hard was it for you to sit back and watch your teammates on the field while you were on the sidelines this season?

I was anxious for one and I just had to sit out and watch other people play and see how the game goes. The freshman came in and did well. All I can say is I can't wait to get out there.

Were you able to see some things while watching your teammates that will help you next year?

Definitely I learned while watching the offensive scheme how well I can fit into it. Just seeing all the defenders play against my team. I think I can go out there and do some big things after watching the Big Ten season.

How are you doing academically this year?

First semester I did well. This semester is a little rougher than last semester because I have more credit hours, but in the end I'll come out with some B's and A's.

You've been hard to stop during practice. How do you think you'll match up against the Big Ten's better corners such as Ohio State's Chris Gamble?

Good question. I think if I practice hard and keep on practicing like I do, it won't be a problem. We have good talent here. The more competitive you are in practice the better you are in the game.

What new techniques have you worked on over the past year that will help you next season?

Quickness, I practice a lot of quick drills. Just learning how to escape my defenders. I think it's helped me now because I practice I've been elusive and able to escape my DB's although they say they're going to lock me down. I think my quickness is getting better and by perfecting it, I'll do good in the season.

What's your 40 speed?

My fastest 40 speed is 4.36.

Was Coach Mangiero your main influence for coming to Indiana or did Coach DiNardo also have a large influence?

Well I'd say both coaches. I really liked the campus. Of all the schools that were recruiting me the campus wasn't too nice. You have those big schools with the great football team; they just had shabby facilities. Although, they had the athletic facilities, which was nice, coming to IU it was a college town and I kind of could relate to the atmosphere a little bit.

Are there any other reasons you decided to come to IU?

Mainly the campus, it caught my eye. I mean there were other schools that interested me, but IU, this campus was just great. It reminds me of the suburbs. The people, there's 47,000. It's kind of like a city.

How has Quarterback Matt LoVecchio developed in the past year?

Matt LoVecchio is very quick and elusive and his arm is strong. I think right now his maturity has grown a lot more in the game of football and he's become more of a big time NCAA quarterback because of the way he practices. He's a lot more focused. He knows he has to step up.

Are there any players on offense you expect to have a breakout season next year?

All the skill positions. I expect good things from every wide receiver, all the tailbacks, the quarterback, and of course we have our five men standing strong—the linemen. I don't want to say names because there's too many of them, but I think we'll do well.

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