Jakeen Gilmore Q & A Part 2

Gilmore discusses his strengths and weaknesses in the second installment of Hoosier Insider's exclusive interview.

What are your biggest strengths out on the field?

Speed and strength. I'm not just fast, I'm strong. I can kind of throw defenders out of my way. I never lifted a day in my life before I came to college. Just off my strength alone I can move defenders out of my way. Power, the power I have. I noticed it in high school too. I can just pick up defenders and move them. My pass blocking is serious. I pass block "boom." They say a good offensive player is a better defensive player and that's what I think I am.

Do you think that strength will help you best with your yards after the catch or another aspect of your game?

Basically, yards after the catch and better running. Of course most receivers do have quickness but they lack strength. You see that in college football a lot, especially in conferences such as the SEC. In the Big Ten you see a lot of strong, skill players who are built and muscular. They are more of a power player. That's the type of player I like. I compare myself to a power, speed player who can break off his defenders and get away from them.

What aspects of your game do you still need to work on?

I'd say my timing. I guess being on time with the Quarterback. You're not always on time because the game is so fast and you need to be on time during game situations. Once I get into the offensive system I can do those things and be on cue.

So are you looking forward to the physical style of play in the Big Ten?

Oh yeah. That's my motivation.

With Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan and Penn State all returning excellent teams next year, do you think IU can compete next year?

Why can't we? It's open.

What are your goals for next season?

Being a Big Ten standout as a freshman and playing with my team as a whole. Just experiencing college football. God's will getting 1,000 yards for the season.

Who is your favorite NFL player?

Wow, wish I could say myself, just kidding. I like old school players. I like Lynn Swann who used to hop over defenders and make acrobatic catches. I like his style. And another one, just not to let him out because he's the greatest is Jerry Rice. He's still in the game, he's a hard worker and he reminds me of myself because he's a hard worker and he likes to perfect everything he does.

Where do you see Indiana football being by the time you are a senior?

BCS Bowl baby.

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