Alexander Johson Update

Signing Alex Johnson would make a world of difference for next year's team. Johnson has a strong, physical body that is perfect for banging in the Big Ten. He can also step outside the 3-point line and hit jumpers consistently. He's the complete package and Indiana is among a list of four schools he's still considering.

Highly-touted power forward Alexander Johnson of Bridgton Academy will make his decision on the weekend of May 1, according to Bridgton Academy Head Coach Whit Lesure. Johnson's four finalists are Indiana, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Florida State.

He likes Indiana and Florida State because of their respective coaches Mike Davis and Leonard Hamilton. Johnson is from Albany, Georgia and signed with the Bulldogs last season. He could not attend Georgia because of Academic reasons and he chose to sign elsewhere due to the recent controversy revolving around the Georgia basketball program.

Johnson was ranked number 26 for last year's top 101. He would fill a huge gap in Indiana's interior game, providing the Hoosiers a post presence they desperately need.

Although Johnson likes Indiana and Coach Davis a lot, Hoosiers fans should be weary of Johnson's inclination to stay close to home. He has said several times that if possible he would like to stay close to home in Georgia, meaning Florida State could be the recipients of Johnson's talents. Top Stories