Position Battle Spotlight: Quarterback

Coach Kevin Wilson may have hoped that one of his redshirt sophomore quarterbacks would have clearly seperated himself from the pack this spring. Instead, the IU quarterback position battle remains as heated as ever as the team prepares for fall camp.

The Cast

Dusty Kiel
Edward Wright-Baker
Adam Follett
Teddy Schell

The Leader

Dusty Kiel – 6-foot-2, 216 pound, Redshirt Sophomore

2010 Production: 5 games played; 4-17 passing for 71 yards; 35.1 passing efficiency; 2 interceptions

Strengths: mobile; solid arm; good improvisational skills; hard-nosed

Weaknesses: inexperienced; accuracy on deep balls; recognition

The skinny: Kiel has spent the last two seasons at Indiana preparing for his first real shot at starting, which finally arrives this fall. His true freshman year he was a solid performer on the scout team, but saw no game action as a redshirt. Last season Kiel got game reps in five different contests, but is still looking for his first touchdown pass and only completed 4 of his 17 passes.

Outlook: Nothing Kiel has done so far this season has really excited Hoosier fans, but those results are irrelevant now. Everything he has done thus far has been in preparation for his real chance at leading his team. This off-season Kiel has had the opportunity to do just that and his progress during fall camp will be one of the most closely studied storylines. He has solid competition for the job in Edward Wright-Baker and could very well share a platoon job this season. Neither player has separated himself enough at this point to forego that possibility, but the inside money is on Kiel to separate himself by the start of the conference season.

The Contender

Edward Wright-Baker – 6-foot-1, 217 pounds, Redshirt sophomore

2010 Production: 5 games played; 5-12 passing for 80 yards; 1 touchdown; 108.5 passing efficiency; 1 interception

Strengths: strong arm; physical player; hard to bring down

Weaknesses: inexperience, accuracy; recognition

The skinny: Wright-Baker came to the program as a dual-threat quarterback out of Jeffersonville, Indiana with plenty of athleticism, but a very raw passer. During the past two seasons his passing ability has caught up with the rest of his skills, but he still struggles to put the ball into tight spaces on time.

Outlook: At this point Kiel appears to be the slightly more polished product, but it's hard to ignore what Wright-Baker can bring to the field. As a matter of fact his ability to see the field and stay upright under duress may give him an advantage this season as the Hoosier break in an inexperienced offensive line.

The Darkhorse

Tre Roberson – 6-foot-1, 170 pounds; True Freshman

2010 Production: N/A

Strengths: very athletic; great speed; playmaker

Weaknesses: inexperience; accuracy; recognition

The skinny: Roberson is a tremendous athlete who rushed for nearly as many yards as he passed for at Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis. His athleticism makes him a tantalizing option at quarterback, but his overall passing skills might push him to another position at Indiana.

Outlook: The aforementioned lack of separation between the two returning quarterbacks on campus could play to Roberson's advantage. If neither Kiel nor Wright-Baker steps up this fall and seperates from the pack…or disappoints the coaching staff with their play, Wilson could decide to just start from scratch with the exciting potential of Roberson in the backfield. However, it's much more likely that Roberson has a hard time keeping pace with the competition this fall and could even end up seeing playing time this season at a different position.

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