Film Evaluation - Curtis Painter (QB)

Indiana's Curtis Painter has an Indiana offer under his belt. Here's what we saw when we looked at the 6-foot-4, 205-pounder, from Vincennes (Lincoln).

Curtis Painter, a 6-foot-4, 205-pound, gunslinger from Vincennes (Ind.) Lincoln is going to be one of the most highly sought after quarterbacks in the Midwest.

Painter is a terrific athlete with a rifle arm. He had 2,122 yards passing and 22 touchdowns in 2002 and was named junior all-state.

Painter put together a very good highlight tape that will be just what the college recruiters will be looking for.

Curtis shows about 15 minutes of highlights on the football field and on the basketball court, where I must say, he is absolutely sensational.

Also on Painter's highlight film is footage of him making every throw on the football field that he'll need to make at the collegiate level and he shows he has the arm strength and then some to get the job done.

What I liked most about Curtis Painter's highlight film was the coverage of him in his gymnasium throwing to his wide receivers. Its in these five minutes that you can see just how strong Painter's are really is.

Curtis is a terrific athlete that has a very good arm, excellent footwork, he shows he can avoid the rush and make plays running the ball. He has a very good head on his shoulders, makes good decisions and has the leadership skills and character to be a successful D-1 quarterback.. Painter definitely has the arm strength to throw the deep ball, the zip needed to throw the sideline routes and the intelligence to recognize coverages. He also shows a very nice touch on the ball to get passes between zones.

In closing, Curtis Painter is a definite Midwest "Hot 100" selection. He'll be a national "Hot 100" finalist and is in the running for the pre-season All-Midwest quarterback selection. Top Stories