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That's probably it in terms of the live coverage of Wednesday's Media Day but it's far from the amount of coverage we'll have from today's event.

Look for individual stories as well as video of the three IU players in Chicago today that will be posted in the next few hours on our site.


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Here's more from Kevin Wilson:

Wilson had more to say on the quarterback topic. He was asked when he looks at a QB what would be the deciding factor in who is starter will be? Arm strength? His ability to run the offense? Off the field leadership? "For example, with our three players, maybe greatest arm strength is Nate Sudfeld,'' Wilson said. "Tall. Very smart. Young player, very good. Maybe greatest moxie might be Cam Coffman. He's a little daredevil. He'll take some shots and take some chances. Great anticipation, vision. The best athlete of the crowd is probably Tre Roberson. So they're all uniquely different. What we're going to do is run our spread offense, be a little bit up tempo. We'll throw the ball in space and try to be a team that can throw it pushing 70 percent, which we have yet to beat. In the high 50s or mid 50s, first year, low 60s last year. This game has evolved with protection and quality route running and people understanding spacing. You have got to throw the ball at 67, 70, 72 percent. So one, the ability to complete the ball. Two, the ability not to move the offense but to score. Our offense moves the ball but we don't score points proportional to moving the ball. And good teams score points. When you score points, you win games. You don't win games by getting yards. You win games by crossing that G line or not letting them cross the G line. So it's points. So what we're looking for -- they're all different with those different attributes. But a passing percentage that keeps us on schedule. A guy that gets to the fringe zone and gets his team in the end zone and a guy that's going to protect the football.

Wilson also talked a little bit at the podium about his young defensive players and the recruiting class he has coming in. He was asked realistically how much of an impact those guys could make right away. Earlier, he had commented about how Indiana played 16 true freshman his first season at IU and 11 last year. "Their talent level appears to be, seeing some of them in person myself, as gifted as many guys we've been playing with,'' Wilson said. "Watching them, whether it be a camp, watching them in person. Now, again, since T.J. Simmons is the only one that's been here because he graduated early, that we saw, quote, lift, run, workout, practice, that's going to be a two-deep impact player at linebacker. Young man from Lakeland, Florida. 15 of those recruits are on defense. The skill set's pretty good on defense. We promised no one you're going to play and start. But I think we'll have competition. I think some of those young D linemen are going to give us competition and depth. And I think the linebackers, which we need to be significantly better at linebacker, are going to give us some competition, and I'm really excited about the corner and safety guys. I think a lot of those guys are going to be, if not two deep, fringe two deep, we'll see when the bullets start flying some of those guys get on the field. My inclination says you'll probably see some of those guys on the field. Might be some growing pains, but we'll be growing with guys that are faster and more talented. That's exciting to me.

Wilson also talked about the running back position. In the depth chart in the IU football media guide, Tevin Coleman is listed as the starter with Stephen Houston at No. 2 and D'Angelo Roberts at No. 3. "You know, if there's separation, great,'' Wilson said. "I do think, most teams are going to play with more than one running back. NFL, college, whatever. The physicality of the position, the hits as you go through the year, the pace of play. So we played a couple, three running backs every year. Stephen Houston is a quality player. Catches the ball well. Need him to be a very consistent practice player, leader, and a very physical leader. For a big back, he plays with great speed and feet. Catches well. Love to see him. Great without the ball. Great in blocking. Great in route running to spread and separate the defense when he runs routes and really just be more, more consistent, quality player, very good player and good leader for us. Tevin Coleman, a young man that's very young. He'll be a second year, played as a true freshman. Excellent returner,very talented kid. And looking to see how he grows and does he really take the next step to be an upper level player for us and in this league because I think he has a chance to be. He was highly recruited. He's very gifted. Then we have a couple of complementary players. D'Angelo Roberts and a couple of freshmen we'll see and a couple of walk-ons. Right now looks like it will be those three guys. D'Angelo as complementary piece, and we'll see with Tevin and Stephen. Coming out of spring, it's those two guys. And quite honestly, Tevin probably had the better hands coming through spring. He had a tremendous spring practice.


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I'm back and working after the individual breakout sessions with Kevin Wilson, Greg Heban, Kofi Hughes and Mitch Ewald. I wanted to first get caught up with some of the things that Wilson had to say during his 10 minutes at the podium earlier in the day.

In his opening comments, Wilson talked about the fact that Indiana has 19 starters back on offense and defense. He said the Hoosiers have their kickers and punters back, too. His basic point was that everyone is back. "We've got a lot of guys back,'' Wilson said. "We've got a great recruiting class and we're looking forward to getting started with our guys. We've had 130 players on campus this summer training. We'll have 105 for preseason. We've got a walk-on program that's growing as well. We have a very, very good recruiting class, and we're excited to see those young men. There's a lot of good energy with what's going on. Personnel-wise with our guys, we're very, very healthy. Came out of spring with no legitimate injuries. And as we came off some minor things, we've got everyone full tilt and looking to be ready to go as we crank up practice next Friday. Our freshmen will report on Wednesday, upperclassmen on Thursday. We'll crank it up on August 2nd. But we've got, I think, again, very much more mature team. A lot of guys back.

Then he talked about the quarterback position. "We're unsettled at quarterback,'' Wilson said. "Got three guys in a dead heat. It's not because I don't think we've got a good player. We've got three guys that are all very unique, can manage us. Haven't seen someone separate through spring. I don't know if anyone had any particularly horrible days. I think we can look at some stat days and say: This guy's stats were better or worse. But I thought we had a very, very healthy competition. Those guys are great teammates, great leaders, all three of them. I think they're all capable of winning. I'd love to see one emerge. The reason I don't have a quarterback here is because I'm not sure which one it is. If I did, I would have all three of those guys representing us because they're three great leaders. Until I know which one is going to be our leader, I wasn't going to anoint someone. They're going to earn it on the field.''.

Later in the question and answer period with the media, Wilson was asked to expand on the quarterback battle. "The first year, I didn't know if we could throw it in the ocean and what not.Last year we were kind of young and unproven. And Tre (Roberson) had played a little and we had those young guys. And the difference, I think Tre is -- Tre's back healthy and I think better than he was. But with Cam Coffman getting 10 starts, which is actually our most -- he's played more snaps than anyone, and Nate Sudfeld being extremely gifted, it's a pretty unique deal. We need to play -- for our program to win, have the year we're capable of having, we need to be dynamic at quarterback. We can't be average and let the complementary pieces give us the victories that we need for our program and our fans and alums and school. So our quarterback's gotta be a difference maker. Those three guys are capable, but who is going to be different and take it to the next step? We'll be a lot more mobile at quarterback. We were going to be mobile with Tre. We were mobile with the other two guys. But when Tre got hurt and we just had those two guys left, that was really all we had, we had to be very smart last year as young players protecting them. The amount of hits they take and the exposure we put them through, the contact, and really just for confidence so they don't get out there and get shell-shocked and get battered. So we played a little left-handed and wasn't able to play with a full deck. We also did not handle the adversity of losing our starting quarterback. We led the league in passing, blah, blah, blah, all that junk. Once our quarterback got hurt, we lost five straight games.''

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Tim Beckman of Illinois is at the podium. Kevin Wilson is about 10 minutes away.

Earlier in the day the Big Ten Football preseason players to watch list was released. Not a big surprise, but there were no Indiana names on the list. Myself, I thought Cody Latimer had a shot at it but he wasn't mentioned.

In the Legends Division, the players to watch are Michigan's Devin Gardner, Michigan's Taylor Lewan, Michigan State's Max Bullough, Nebraska's Taylor Martinez, and Northwestern's Venric Mark. In the Leaders Division, the players were Braxton Miller, Bradley Roby and Ryan Shazier from Ohio State, Allen Robinson from Penn State and Wisconsin's Chris Borland.


10:05 a.m. (All times are Central time)

Pat Fitzgerald from Northwestern is up first. He will be followed in order by:

Darrell Hazell, Purdue

Gary Anderson, Wisconsin

Tim Beckman, Illinois

Kevin Wilson, Indiana

Brady Hoke, Michigan

Bo Pelini, Nebraska

Mark Dantonio, Michigan State

Urban Meyer, Ohio State

Jerry Kill, Minnesota

Bill O'Brien, Penn State

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa

There will be a 30-minute session with Kevin Wilson and players Greg Heban, Kofi Hughes and Mitch Ewald later in the morning.

I'll try to update this space periodically throughout the day with the newer information on top.

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