IU Insider Blog: The Quarterback Debate

Kevin Wilson said Wednesday that it's a close competition for the starting quarterback job. While I believe IU has three solid candidates, I think it's still pretty obvious who will be the opening day starter. Read on and weigh in on the topic.

Don't you think when push comes to shove and Indiana opens the 2013 season Aug. 29 against Indiana State that Tre Roberson will be IU's starting quarterback?

I certainly do.

I'm not surprised that Kevin Wilson came out Wednesday at Big Ten Media Day and said that it's an open battle and a virtual dead heat with Cam Coffman, Nate Sudfeld and Roberson all in contention.

But of course that's what he said. You want all of your top guys engaged throughout camp, believing they have a shot to start. I get that. And maybe the situation is indeed as close as Wilson said it is going into camp.

Still, when I read between the lines of what IU's third-year coach had to say Wednesday morning, there was one message that came across loud and clear. When asked about each of the three quarterbacks' best attributes, all he said about Roberson was that he was the most athletic of the three players.

And when it's all decided, my bet is that you play your most mobile, athletic player at the quarterback position. Indiana fans got a good glimpse of what Roberson could do when he started the final five games of his freshman year. And before he broke his leg in the second game of the season last year against UMass, there was little doubt that he was Indiana's starting quarterback.

I think when decision time comes prior to the season opener in late August that Roberson will emerge as Indiana's starting quarterback once again.

Now what do you think? Anyone that followed me in my days at the Indianapolis Star knows that I always invited comments at the end of my blogs. I'll do that every day here and take it to another level, too. If you make a comment at the end of this story or in a premium message board with a thread I'll create, I'll vow to engage you in conversation on the topic. I want the premium site to be a place where you can come and share your thoughts and we can have some back and forth. Hopefully that's something that will set our site apart a little bit from the rest.

With that in mind, who do you think will be IU's starting quarterback when the season rolls around? Roberson, Coffman or Sudfeld? I look forward to your responses.

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