IU Insider Blog: Subscription Thoughts

There are still two days left to take advantage of our subscription incentive offer. I wanted to thank two of those people in particular. One of them bleeds Kentucky Blue.

I want to begin by saying thanks again to all of my friends out there and soon-to-be friends who have signed up this week for our subscription incentive offer.

For many of you this is your first time exploring the world of content for pay. I hope that I can show you why subscribing to AllHoosiers.com will be something that will be worth your time. And if it works out like I believe it will, my bet is I will provide more content than you would have expected over the next six months.

For those of you who are Indiana fans, you have to admit this was a pretty safe bet. You're going to get showered with content of all things IU. For those who subscribed to the site, hoping to use it to access other sites, I hope it works out the way you were hoping it would. My guess is it will. You'll get all of that schools' content plus you can participate on their free boards.

But there were a few people in this whole process that went way above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.

The first one I won't mention his name for a couple of reasons but he wanted to support me in my new venture, went to the site and started to click the $9.95 one-month pass. Now, he could have done that, gone for the ride for six months and then signed up for his next access on a monthly, six-month or yearly basis at a later date. He could have waited to see exactly what kind of bang he was going to get for his buck. Instead, after thinking about it for a minute, he opted to buy the annual pass for $7.50 a month. He decided to take the leap of faith and support my venture at the same time. I just want Brent to know that I appreciate that.

The other one is clearly in the ‘crazy' category. I have a friend, Michael Scisney, who is one of the biggest Kentucky fans I know. He bleeds blue. His wife and my wife are co-workers.

Well, Michael put out something Saturday on Facebook where he said he was supporting me and his son Elijah Scisney, a big IU fan, by doing the subscription. He also forwarded it on to his friends and asked that they do the same by Tuesday's new FINAL deadline.

Later, he posted this message under the story on his Facebook page:"When I signed up, my computer was like ‘Are you sure about this?' lol.''

My Facebook response was one of my own dismay. "It was supposed to have automatically played the Watford shot. :o] I wrote on his message board. "Thanks for your support.''

Like a true Kentucky fan, Michael just shook his head at that one. "Lol. My laptop is banned from showing that clip," he wrote on Facebook.

The subscription run was extended to midnight on Tuesday so we can pick up any last minute folks. If you're reading this you're a premium subscriber. One thing going on Tuesday night is I'm hosting a chat with three of our national basketball analysts to talk about how Indiana targets fared in last month's tournaments. It will go from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesday. Please stop by.

I'll be doing at least two chats per week for a while. We'll do a basketball one early in the week and a football one later, as we get closer to game day each week.

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