Indiana Football Practice: Day 4 Recap

Monday was the fourth day of preseason practice. Media was allowed to attend the practice for the first time this season. Here's a few thoughts plus a look at the week ahead.

The media was supposed to have been allowed to view the first 25 minutes of practice today. Instead, Kevin Wilson chose to let us stay for the whole thing.

There was no availability after the practice, though, because tonight is IU's Media Day and there will be lots of player and coach interviews at that time.

Practice was a little more lively today as it was the second of two days in half pads. On Sunday, the Hoosiers did the same thing for practice. They wore shoulder pads and shorts. This didn't stop them from engaging in some live contact situations, both in 7-on-7 and full team situations.

All three of the primary quarterbacks seemed to get almost equal repetitions. Tre Roberson looks a little bigger than the 200 pounds he's listed as in the roster sheet. He was still throwing the ball pretty well and doesn't seem to have any lingering effects from his broken leg from last season. Sophomore Nate Sudfeld looked particularly sharp and crisp in delivering his passes. Cameron Coffman was also solid./p>

When they worked on punt and punt returns, the two punters were Erich Toth and Nick Campos. Toth is a redshirt junior from Indianapolis Brebeuf and Oakes is a redshirt freshman from Wheaton, Ill.

Working in the punt return area were Shane Wynn, Laray Smith, Nick Stoner, Issac Griffith, Anthony Young and Mitchell Paige among the offensive players and Rashard Fant, the lone defensive player./p>

Tuesday will be the first practice in full pads and Wednesday will be the first two-a-day practices.

Saturday night IU will have its first scrimmage. It will be closed to the public and the media.

Stay tuned for an interview or two later in the evening after Media Day.

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