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This is a collection of all of my IU Insider Blogs (listed by date):

March 24 Blog: Addition by Subtraction?

March 21 Blog: March not quite so Mad

March 16 Blog: It's over

March 14 Blog: Is the NIT a good thing?

March 8 Blog: Would IU like a rematch?

March 8 Blog: Updated Seeding Scenarios

March 5 Blog: One game at a time

March 3 Blog: A big step for Hanner

March 2 Blog: Peaking at the right time?

March 2 Blog: IU-OSU one year later

February 26 Blog: The Big Three

February 25 Blog: The strive for 20 wins

February 23 Blog: Williams comes up big

February 22 Blog: 3-game skid has to end

February 18 Blog: It could have been a tragedy

February 17 Blog: Impossible to predict

February 15 Blog: Thoughts on Perea

February 12 Blog: Must-win week?

February 9 Blog: Nebraska all over again

February 5 Blog: A look at the football class

February 3 Blog: My predictions still in play

January 31 Blog: On to the next opportunity

January 30 Blog: Big Nebraska game

January 26 Blog: A must win by any name

January 21 Blog: Running in place

January 20 Blog: Thoughts on new DC

January 18 Blog: Up and Down results

January 16 Blog: Interesting 80 Hours

January 15 Blog: Rush Students Rush

January 12 Blog: The Wisconsin Jinx

January 11 Blog: Etherington shines in win

January 10 Blog: The Mallory Decision

January 8 Blog: More Crean thoughts

January 7 Blog: Time for a shakeup?

January 5 Blog: First Big Ten win?

January 3 Blog: The Assembly Hall Factor

January 1 Blog: Absolutely the right call

December 30 Blog: The Fischer Transfer

December 29 Blog: Big Ten Prognostication

December 25 Blog: Keys moving forward

December 21 Blog: One final tuneup

December 14 Blog: More inconsistent play

December 13 Blog: Momentum on the line

December 10 Blog: The Gordon Difference

December 9 Blog: So what do you think?

December 8 Blog: Improvement on the perimeter

December 7 Blog: 11-2 or bust

December 4 Blog: An odd 17-point loss

December 3 Blog: Another measuring stick game

November 30 Blog: What could have been

November 28 Blog: Another Bucket for pride

November 24 Blog: Has IU made progress?

November 23 Blog: Better than you expected?

November 22 Blog: A good national appearance

November 20 Blog: What do we know about IU?

November 17 Blog: They're free for a reason

November 16 Blog: An offensive offense

November 15 Blog: What did we learn Friday?

November 13 Blog: 2-0 is all that matters

November 12 Blog: 6 p.m. starts

November 11 Blog: A second review is needed

November 10 Blog: Eyes on Coleman

November 9 Blog: Player of the week?

November 8 Blog: A strong debut

November 7 Blog: Starting Thoughts

November 6 Blog: It's prediction time

November 5 Blog: A good first impression

November 4 Blog: A Fresh Look

November 3 Blog: One more look back

November 2 Blog: Props to IU Players

November 1 Blog: Kudos to Crean and Co.

October 29 Blog: So hard to predict

October 26 Blog: Hoops season has arrived

October 19 Blog: Are there 3 more wins here?

October 16 Blog: A winnable Michigan game?

October 12 Blog: Hoosiers lack consistency

October 11 Blog: The next step

October 8 Blog: The Appropriate Banner

October 6 Blog: A Significant Victory

October 5 Blog: Can Defense stop Penn State?

October 4 Blog: Hoosier Hysteria Thoughts

September 29 Blog: Is No. 17 the charm?

September 22 Blog: A Tough Road Ahead

September 20 Blog: A Big First Commit

September 18 Blog: Bridesmaid or Bride

September 15 Blog: One more look at BG game

September 14 Blog: Defense answers questions

September 11 Blog: A must-win game?

September 8 Blog: An offensive defense

September 7 Blog: Is Navy a good fit?

September 6 Blog: Soccer in a funk

September 4 Blog: Do we really need one QB?

September 3 Blog: Early starting lineup picks?

September 2 Blog: Who knew Navy was so good?

September 1 Blog: Next up is Navy

August 30 Blog: The Right Move

August 29 Blog: How good is IU?

August 28 Blog: Schedule Analysis

August 27 Blog: Football Season Prediction

August 25 Blog: Plan for Game Week

August 23 Blog: Depth Chart Analysis

August 21 Blog: Thoughts on the QB Race

August 19 Blog: Staff is coming together

August 16 Blog: Are you ready for some Soccer?

August 14 Blog: Schedule Becoming Clearer

August 13 Blog: Hysteria Comes Earlier

August 12 Blog: Who will be First Commit?

August 11 Blog: What's in a Major?

August 10 Blog: Defense Wins

August 9 Blog: Quarterback by Committee?

August 8 Blog: 14-year-old Commits

August 7 Blog: The Rivalry Game

August 6 Blog: Examining 8 Home Games

August 5 Blog: Another big year for Bolser?

August 4 Blog: Subscription thoughts

August 2 Blog: 5 Q's as practice begins

August 1 Blog: One remarkable statistic

July 31 Blog: 5 freshmen to watch

July 30 Blog: Should practices be open?

July 26 Blog: Will this team be different?

July 25 Blog: The Quarterback Debate

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