Five Questions: Tevin Coleman

Here's five things you may have not known about IU running back Tevin Coleman in our Five Questions featured segment.

You know their statistics. You know all the obvious things there are to know about your favorite Indiana athletes. Now here's a quick look at a few quick things you may not know in our Five Questions segment.

Today's Five Questions focuses on IU sophomore tailback Tevin Coleman from Oak Forest High School in Tinley Park, Ill.

1. Who is an athlete at any level that you look up to and why?

I'd say Steve, Steve Houston. Because when I first got here he was the first one to help me with the plays and just help we with everything. He's my dog and I love that dude.

2. What's your favorite place to eat in Bloomington and what do you like to eat there?

I would say BuffaLouies. I love the sweet barbequed chicken and the fries with the ranch. I like to have that ranch with those sweet barbequed wings.

3. What's your favorite musical genre, artist and song?

I'd say rap, hip hop. I like a lot of different artists. I like some artists from my neck of the woods in Chicago. I would say King Louie or Lil Bibby.

4. What is the best movie you've seen recently?

It's probably a scary movie. The Conjuring. That was pretty good. That got me hyped. I really liked that one.

5. Has there been someone in your life that you look up to like a mentor?

Definitely my dad. He has been there for me. He has been to every game last season. He does a lot for me. He texts me every day to see how I'm doing. That's would be the guy for me. His name is Wister Coleman.

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