Indiana Football Practice: Days 6 and 7 Recap

The first full week of practice at Indiana is complete. Here's a quick look back at Thursday's single practice.

Practice days number 6 and 7 are in the books following IU's first two-a-day practice on Wednesday and a regular workout on Thursday.

The next two-a-day workout was scheduled for Friday morning and afternoon.

There was little to report on Wednesday because both practices were closed to the media. On Thursday, however, media members were allowed to view the entire practice.

One quick observation Thursday was that there was a lot more 11-on-11 full contact drills and a lot of situational work. They would set the changes at third down and 3 for example, and then run plays for those situations. There was also a big emphasis on hitting and contact in the drills throughout practice.

IU coach Kevin Wilson told an IU media relations person after the practice that the workout was "a lot more full go than we've been going.''

"It was a little unrealistic because we practiced for more than two hours and then had a full go scrimmage but again that's the end of those games where we keep coming up short,'' Wilson said. "That's when we've got to make a stop or have got to make a conversion at the end of a game. I thought today's practice was OK but we're building for a scrimmage on Saturday and we'll see how we move from today forward.''

Indiana continues to look healthy from an injury standpoint. One of the rules on attending practice is you are not allowed to report on injuries. That being said, it has been a non issue to date.

Physicality seems to be an emphasis in the first week of this camp. Wilson talked about that after Thursday's practice, too especially with regards to the defensive players.

"It's got to get better,'' he said. "It always starts a little sloppy. You've got a lot of young guys on defense and they're probably still thinking. We try to keep the offense and the defense basic enough to give (Darius) Lathan and (Antonio Allen) and those guys a chance to fly around a little bit. Clyde Newton is showing up a little bit. Those young guys though, in fairness to them, their heads are spinning. The more they think the slower they play. We've got some work to do there but we'll see.''

One of the things coming up after Friday's first two-a-day practice is that media members will be permitted to talk to the three IU quarterbacks (Tre Roberson, Cameron Coffman and Nate Sudfeld) for the first time in this camp. Stay tuned for a Friday afternoon story on the quarterbacks.

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