IU Insider Blog: Quarterback by Committee?

Name one starter or go into the season with multiple options at quarterback? That's the challenge Kevin Wilson faces with his current quarterback controversy.

Indiana's three quarterbacks, in the words of their head coach, came out of spring practice in a three-way dead heat to win the starting job.

As they leaned to break the tape in the sprint to the spring finish, Nate Sudfeld, Cameron Coffman and Tre Roberson were all bunched together.

Through one week of camp, it sounds like nothing has changed. They've all been pretty consistent, they've all shared equal time running with the No. 1 unit and the competition has been intense.

But the longer this goes without a starting quarterback being named the longer it will be allowed to be a distraction. Like it or not, until a starter is named, every one of the three guys will be approaching each day like it's his name that will be called Aug. 29 when IU opens against Indiana State.

One of these guys is going to end up with the ball and the other two are going to be wearing baseball caps, holding clipboards and motioning in plays from the sidelines. IU coach Kevin Wilson said he could redshirt two quarterbacks but that's not his plan. He said he could play he one, two or three. It's too early and too close to call.

Still, the question is simple. Is that a big thing? How important is it to have a clear cut favorite going into the season or can you continue with a quarterback by committee approach until one ultimately emerges?

Wilson addressed the topic Friday when asked that very question. He made it clear that picking one guy would certainly be the easy way. But is it the right way?

"It would be easier to say ‘Hey you're the guy and you get all the reps,' but the other guys are capable enough, too,'' Wilson said. "If someone has a hot hand, or you want to play two or you want to have two on the field at once, those are all options.''

But Wilson said the truth is the staff still isn't to a point where it's ready to make that call. The third-year IU coach said he's hoping that one guy does emerge but right now it's hard to separate the group.

"It's not that no one is playing well or we don't have a one because we're trying to be nice,'' Wilson said. "They're actually competing, fighting and it's healthy. And in the end, if we do it right, if we have more than one we need to make that a positive. Don't let some good talent and some good play get in the way. Because a lot of times we haven't had that. So it's our job to find out how it works out. It would be easier to say there's one but right now to not sound coach-like they're all doing well.

The players aren't about to come out and say they want to be the guy in public, even if they all probably wish they could. Sudfeld came close.

"Everybody wants to be the guy,'' said Sudfeld, a true sophomore from Modesto, Calif. "It' s human nature. But like we said before we're all team players. Our guys have worked extremely hard and you don't want to be the one guy being selfish. We have a lot of good players and we're all very talented and we all think we can move this offense. I think whoever they choose, whether it's one guy or lingering, I think he'll be playing at a very high level.

Coffman said it doesn't make much sense to exert much energy worrying about it. It's completely out of their hands.

"It's not really up to us,'' Coffman said. "We don't have a choice. All we can do is come to work every day. And whether we want it or not it doesn't really matter. It's coach's choice. So we just come to work every day, get better, push each other and whatever happens, happens.''

As always want do you think? Should IU name a starter soon, or allow this situation to linger heading into the season?

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