Indiana Football Practice: Day 8 Recap

The week of practice has been building up to Saturday's evening scrimmage. Kevin Wilson talks about his teams' progress and tonight's scrimmage.

Day 8 was a two-a-day practice on both Friday morning and afternoon and IU coach Kevin Wilson said after the morning workout that his team is making strides.

One thing that Wilson has tried to stress this season is that the Hoosiers will not alter their game plan depending on what quarterback is on the field. He wants everyone to be able to do the same kinds of things.

"We're just trying to do it all,'' Wilson said. "So if it's a play action pass, I'm not thinking ‘Hey Tre get in here because you're a runner.' Instead it's ‘Cam, you've got it.' If it's a deep, long pass, it's not ‘Hey Nate, you've got the bigger arm so get in here.' No, no. We're calling our plays. We're not worried about who our players are. We're running our plays and yet we're running it not throwing everything out there yet but we're trying to get good at stuff, physical at stuff and we're really trying to bring the defense along.''

Wilson said, knock on wood, that it has been a good camp so far with few with injuries. There's a couple of people on each side of the ball standing around in shorts but it's just minor bumps and bruises.

"We've had nothing significant (in terms of injuries),'' Wilson said. "The last few days, we've had our most situational, one-on-one tackling, half tackling and then full scrimmage tackling. Now we'll go through our scrimmage Saturday and see where we are.''

Wilson has been happy with the shape the IU athletes showed up for camp in.

"I think our guys came back in really good shape,'' Wilson said. "We'll come back after practice (to Memorial Stadium) and they'll roll for 5-10 minutes on those rollers and they'll get in cold tubs. We've got massage guys coming once a day so that some of our guys can get their legs rubbed out and keep them loose. And they're eating right and staying hydrated so we don't have a lot of pulls (pulled muscles) right now.''

Wilson said he's looking for three things in particular in terms of on the field possibilities with tonight's scrimmage. He's also hoping that a 6 p.m. scrimmage in Memorial Stadium will get the team ready for a kickoff at the same time on Aug. 29 with Indiana State.

"Number One, referees are here so you want a bunch of good tackling and getting guys on the ground,'' Wilson said. "Two, a physical presence on both lines of scrimmage. And three, and it's early, but not play perfect but play fast and hard. If you mess up, let's mess up but quit being tentative.

Quit worrying about assignments, cut it loose, keep it simple and fly around. Let's see when the lights come on, let's see if some of these freshmen on defense can get in the mix and really help us.

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