IU Insider Blog: What's in a Major?

Indiana football players are majoring in or in the case of the freshmen plan to major in a total of 33 different fields of study at IU this fall. The leading major had 12 players. Care to guess?

I think there's a misconception sometimes with college athletes that they just find a major to hide in because their sole person of being in college is to play athletics.

And certainly that is the case for some. But equally as certain is the reality that a lot of athletes are there to get their degrees and move on to success life-after-football careers. In basketball, the Hoosiers are on a roll where six or seven athletes in the last three years have finished their undergraduate degrees by their senior seasons and then worked toward a Masters in their final year.

I think you can make a pretty good case that Indiana has a good number of student-athletes.

I think the fact that the 2013 Indiana Football Media Guide lists a total of 33 fields of study that Indiana football players are engaging in this fall has to say something, too.

Some of the majors won't surprise you. For example, 11 IU football players have General Studies as their major. Not a bad major for any reason, just not a surprising one either. Another nine are down as Exploratory Students. Another popular one is Exercise Science. Eight players, including fifth-year senior safety Greg Heban, claim Exercise Science as their major.

But try to guess what the No. 1 major among Indiana football players just might be? I think it may surprise you.

It's not Criminal Justice although six IU players are majoring in that. It's not Sports Marketing and Management as another six have chosen that as their field of study. Six more are in SPEA Management and six others are Finance majors.

IU football players are majoring in academic pursuits including Sociology, Psychology, History, Math, Fine Arts, Education, Special Education and Elementary Education. They're majoring in Accounting, Political Science and Economics, too.

Four Indiana players are Health Fitness Specialist majors. Four more are in Marketing. Three are Recreational Sports Management majors and one is looking for a career in athletic training.

One IU freshman, Kris Smith, plans to study Law. Another true freshman, Evan Jansen from Mason, Ohio, is hoping to study pre-Med.

Another interesting major is African American and African diaspora studies. Junior defensive end Bobby Richardson claims that as his field of study. Three have chosen Communication and two others Telecommunication.

But I still haven't revealed No. 1. A total of 12 players have chosen this major.

Quarterback Nate Sudfeld is one of them. Tight end Anthony Corsaro is too. So are 10 other players.

And the winner is: Business.

I think that's pretty impressive. Kevin Wilson has talked a lot about having good character kids in his program. When you have a dozen studying business at a university like IU that has a great business school I think that's quite a feat.

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