IU Insider Blog: Are you ready for Soccer?

In trying to give Indiana fans everything they want from this site, I'm looking to go beyond just football and basketball and give the Hoosiers coverage in other sports, too. The defending national champion IU men's soccer certainly fits that bill. Subscribe today for all your IU soccer coverage.

AllHoosiers.com is going to be your stop for IU soccer this season.

I spent time Thursday with IU soccer coach Todd Yeagley and explained to him that we would like to write regular stories during the week on the defending national champions.

Game stories, advances, feature, player profiles, Five Questions segments, you name it, we want to do it.

Soccer should be covered regularly at Indiana. And with IU as the defending national championship and the top-ranked team in the country in the preseason poll going into this year, that's even more of a reason to provide coverage. I've got a staff of four people (three interns and a full time person) and there's no reason we can't do it justice.

I'm interested in getting feedback on what you think on this one. Clearly, our focus will be on men's basketball and football. But if we can just give IU soccer fans a place to land during the season that would be a great start.

The majority of our soccer coverage will land behind the subscription wall because I look at is as being unique content. We're going to be able to supply coverage that our competitors won't be able to do. And we have the full support of coach Yeagley in our venture.

My hope is that we can make this a positive union for both sides.

I posted our first quick soccer story on the site today and we'll try to continue that and build up some momentum.

My IU Insider Blog is generally premium content but since I'm trying to engage IU soccer fans and I thought I'd make this a free story today. Go www.allhoosiers.com today to sign up to get the best in IU soccer coverage this season.

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