Five Questions: Forisse "Flo" Hardin

Think you know Flo Hardin? I'm guessing you don't know what he wants to be when in grows up? Find that here and a few other questions that will help you get to know him better.

You know their statistics. You know all the obvious things there are to know about your favorite Indiana athletes. Now here's a quick look at a few quick things you may not know in our Five Questions segment.

Today's Five Questions focuses on IU junior linebacker Forisse "Flo" Hardin from Louisville, Ky.

1. Who was your favorite athlete growing up and why?

Tracy McGrady. When I was younger my dad was pushing me more towards basketball.

2. What's your favorite place to eat in Bloomington and what do you like to eat there?

It would have to be Bub's Burgers. I don't have my picture up on the wall or anything like that for eating the big burger. I only ate about three quarters of it. You have all the time you need you just can't throw up or anything. And they have a bucket sitting right next to you just in case.

3. What's your favorite music or musical artist?

I like listening to R&B. I like Usher. I like McGale K.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up if you're not playing football?

That's a tough question. I wouldn't mind being a pharmacist. I've been interested in that for a long time because my Auntie, she's a pharmacist.

5. Has No. 4 always been your number?

No, I got this my senior year in high school. No. 17 had always been my number. I was always 17 growing up. Here, No. 17 was more of a quarterback. No. 4 can be just about anywhere.

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