Indiana Football Practice: Aug. 19, 2013

Monday's practice was closed to the media but here's what coaches William Inge and James Patton had to say after the workout about the defense in particular.

Monday's practice, practice No. 21, was closed to the media. But thanks to video provided by the IU Media Relations department, here's a couple of quotes from Indiana assistant coaches William Inge and James Patton on how the Hoosiers are progressing.

Inge, who coaches linebackers, said he feels like the athletes are constantly learning.

"We're showing that as you work into week 2 and into week 3 that there's a raised level of execution,'' Inge said. "That's something we're all trying to shoot for as we close in on game week. Making sure that you have a raised level of execution with respect to the structure, the scheme and how they prepare themselves and letting them show that they do have some established priorities this time of the year.''

Inge said he believed the Hoosiers have done a good job with the grind of camp and are maintaining a high level of intensity.

"During this time of year, you find that this is when teams are made or broken,'' Inge said. "This is the hardest time of the year. It's not when you get to November. Right now is when you have to continue to push, you have to continue to see the vision that coach Wilson has shared in the program, and we as coaches need to make sure that we push our players to the limit.''

Specifically, Inge was asked about the linebackers.

"I think the group is coming along,'' Inge said. "We have a great group of young men that is growing and learning how to play football. We're a little young in a couple of spots but I think coach has done a great job in allowing them to get some intensity through repetition with respect to their learning.''

James Patton , an assistant on the defensive line, was asked how he felt the defense was progressing.

"I think we're doing well,'' Patton said. "We have an emphasis to stop the run and I think every guy has to make a difference when they're out there. We have some young guys that haven't played yet but they have to keep working and eventually it will pay off. The effort is there, the energy there and it has been fundamentally sound. They're making plays and that's the biggest thing.''

"I'm pretty happy with the effort."

Patton was asked how the young defensive players are coming along.

"They're doing well but they're not young anymore,'' Patton said. "This is practice 21 and they've gotten reps. Whether it's guys like Latham and Kenney who are talented guys, they just have to learn how to play college football. But they're doing well. And then you've got some other guys, Ralph Green for example, that have had a great winter. Now he has got to go out and do it on Saturdays.

"They're working hard. We're just anxious to get that 10 more days before that game is here.''

Indiana opens the season on Thursday Aug. 29 against Indiana State at Memorial Stadium.

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