Seth Littrell talks quarterbacks

Indiana's decision on who will be the starting quarterback against Indiana State could be announced Friday. But then again, it could go right up to game day, too. No one seems particularly concerned about it.

It remains the daily question asked to Kevin Wilson, Kevin Johns, Seth Littrell and anyone else for that matter who happens to be near a reporters tape recorder.

Who's going to start at quarterback?

And the basic answer, pretty much on cue, is that no one is particularly worried about which player will ultimately trot out on the field and take the opening snaps Aug. 29 when Indiana plays host to Indiana State at Memorial Stadium.

Co-offensive coordinator Seth Littrell has heard the questions over and over. He insists, however, that he's not side-stepping the question by saying he's not concerned about it.

"I feel bad sometimes because you ask the question and you think sometimes that we're not giving you information but trust me I'm giving you all the information,'' Littrell said Tuesday after practice. "What I say is truly how I feel. I'm not shooting it any which way.''

And how Littrell feels is simple. He's comfortable with all three IU quarterbacks and ultimately the one the coaching staff feels gives the Hoosiers the best chance to win will be the starting QB.

"I really don't worry about all of that,'' Littrell said. "I feel comfortable with all three of those guys and our team does, too. All three of those guys are competing hard, they're getting better, they've gotten plenty of reps and they're all game ready.

"The good news is I feel like we've got three guys who can get the job done. Now, who gives us the best opportunity to win game one? That's who will be the starter. That may change from game one to game two. What's their scheme, what are they doing? Who gives us the best opportunity to win?''

Even though the three quarterbacks – Tre Roberson, Nate Sudfeld and Cameron Coffman – all have different skill sets, Littrell said that's not important either.

"They all have different strengths and weaknesses,'' Littrell said. "Obviously you're probably going to pick some different plays for each one. But our base offense is our base offense. All three of those guys can run it. We're not changing it for anybody. We're not going to change for any quarterback. What we do is what we do.

"We're going to go out and who is doing it on a consistent basis and who is giving us the best chance to win that will be the starting quarterback.''

Littrell doesn't buy the thought process that if you have three quarterbacks you really don't have one good one. He said the opposite is true.

"I would much rather have three guys that I trust and that I'm comfortable with than one with no depth behind him,'' Littrell said.

A reporter asked then what does one of the three have to prove in the next few days to earn that starting spot.

"Nothing,'' LIttrell said. "Nothing needs to be proven. They prove it every day on the field. We're going to sit down and evaluate what Indiana State does on defense and we're going to see who gives us the best opportunity to win.''

Littrell admits it's unusual to have this much quality at the quarterback position.

"It's abnormal especially at that position,'' Littrell said. "It's kind of where we're at. They've all proven and shown in practice situations and in game situations that they can get the job done. They've all played and they've all done some really good things. And they've all been successful at times. And all of them have made a ton of mistakes.

"I'm truly not worried about it.''

Only time will tell. Kevin Wilson said there's a chance he'll announce a starter Friday or Saturday but didn't rule out the decision going right up until a few days before the game.

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