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No one really expected a decision today on the quarterbacks, did they? We've talked enough about that. Let's look at a few other interesting depth chart decisions from the two-deep that was released today.

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson released the depth chart today heading into the opener with Indiana State.

At quarterback, it was listed as Cameron Coffman.

Or Tre Roberson.

Or Nate Sudfeld.

In other words, either we don't know or we're not ready to tell you. But either way, as I wrote in a column earlier in the week, I think it's a moot point. The quarterback will not be the focal point of this offense. Indiana has too many other offensive weapons. And no matter who the quarterback turns out to be (and my guess is we won't know until he runs in from the sideline on Thursday night) I think Indiana is going to be in good hands.

I don't think which player starts – or doesn't start – is going to dictate whether or not this team gets to a bowl game. I think there are more important pieces that will ultimately determine whether that happens or not.


Here's the 2013 Indiana Football Depth Chart as of Friday, Aug. 23, 2013.

Instead of talking about the quarterback position, let's talk about other interesting depth chart revelations from today.


Big deal? Probably not. As Wilson later said when asked about the position, both Coleman and Stephen Houston will get plenty of reps. Wilson said it has been a very competitive camp and that Coleman was slightly more productive.

But I think it's more than that. I think Houston is a player who constantly requires that little extra boost of motivation. In this case, seeing his name second on the depth chart just may do the trick. Houston needs to become a much more consistent player in the backfield for the Hoosiers. We all know he's capable of going deep with the home run play. We've seen that over and over. But he needs to gain that big three yards on third-and-2. He needs to get up field quicker after catching that little flip pass out of the backfield. And he needs to be the 1,000-yard back that Indiana fans believe he should be. It's all about consistency.


Primarily a defensive end his first two seasons at Indiana, Richardson started six games at that position (all in Big Ten) play as a true freshman. With Adam Replogle and Larry Black Jr. in the mix last season, there was no place for Richardson inside. In this preseason camp though, Richardson has played a lot inside. Some people may forget that when he first came to IU, before he got off to such a good start midway through his freshman season, Richardson was a defensive tackle on the scout team.

What Richardson brings inside is some interior push. He's not a 300-pounder like a lot of guys at that position. But he has speed and quickness and agility and could create more opportunities for the guys on the outside by what he can do on the inside. Plus he's going to have two good guys pushing him in Adarius Rayner and Darius Latham. I'm guessing this will be a very competitive position all season long.


A total of six true freshman popped up in prominent positions on the first depth chart. One was offense. Danny Friend may be listed as the third tight end behind Ted Bolser and Anthony Corsaro but the coaching staff is really high on him and you should expect to see him in the lineup. Wilson has said throughout camp that Friend may be the best blocking tight end of the three.

Darius Latham is a force inside and will compete for playing time at one of those tackle spots. Wilson said Friday that he could see 8-10 players getting time on the D-line. Latham is clearly in that mix.

I was little surprised to see T.J. Simmons listed as No. 2 at middle linebacker behind David Cooper. Not because I expected Cooper not to start but I thought after Chase Hoobler suffered his stress fracture that the staff might move Simmons to the starting spot on the weak side. Instead they've gone with Steve Funderburk. That just shows you the kind of depth IU has on defense this season.

Two other true freshmen are in the mix at linebacker. Expect both Marcus Oliver and Clyde Newton to see action right away for the Hoosiers. They are listed as No. 2 and No. 3 behind Funderburk.

Finally, there's Antonio Allen. It will be hard to move him ahead of Greg Heban and Mark Murphy but it could happen. Allen is that good and he's the kind of big hitter you need on the field to fire up your defense. I'm guessing we're going to hear Allen's name called a lot by Don Fischer and Buck Suhr this season on the IU Radio Network.

So those are a few of the things that jumped out at me from the first depth chart release. If you get a chance and want to talk about it I'll put up a thread on the premium board and we can have a conversation on your depth chart thoughts.

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