Oladipo returns to Bloomington

Former Indiana guard Victor Oladipo was back in Bloomington for Tom Crean's ProCamp on Saturday. Read below for what he had to say about his offseason with the Orlando Magic.

It's only been a couple of months since former guard Victor Oladipo has been on Indiana's Bloomington campus, but it seemed like much longer to the now NBA rookie.

Oladipo was drafted by the Orlando Magic in June's NBA Draft, and ever since then he's been adjusting to life as a professional basketball player.

For at least one weekend, though, he's a college kid again.

"I'm just glad to be back at IU, man," Oladipo said at Tom Crean's basketball camp Saturday morning. "Coach Crean said he could hear me throughout the hallways, but that's just because I feel right at home. It's what I'm used to, it's what I'm comfortable with. I'll always be a Hoosier."

Oladipo spent a lot of time playing the point guard position during Summer League play, something he said has taken time to adjust to. He plans to spend time playing both guard positions this season for the Magic.

"It's kind of been a whirlwind," Oladipo said. "The draft was an amazing day, but it's just a stepping stone. I've accomplished a lot of things, but I feel like there's so much more I can do. I haven't reached the pinnacle of how good I can be.

I've just been trying to stay in the gym and think the game because there's no boys allowed. That's what the call it: No Boys Allowed. There are no days off."

One of the negatives to being selected so early in the draft is Oladipo now enters a franchise that is in a rebuilding stage. The Magic went 20-62 last season.

But starting from the bottom is nothing new for Oladipo. Compared to where Indiana was when he arrived on campus, 20 wins sounds like a lot.

"They say it's a rebuilding process in Orlando. If it is, I'm well prepared for it," Oladipo said. "I guarantee it's not more than the rebuilding process we had here. We were at the bottom of bottoms. It was ridiculous."

Added former Indiana forward D.J. White: "When I left, things went a little sour with the program, but coach Crean and guys like Vic and Will [Sheehey] and those guys did a great job of bringing it back to where it was. I'm proud just watching them."

Oladipo still has nearly two months for his NBA regular season debut, and he has plenty to learn in that time. White offered his advice on Saturday.

"Be ready for his rookie duties," White said, laughing. "Just know that the attention is on you, but Vic's a smart guy, great player, he knows that. Just listen to the veterans and just know every night somebody's coming at you. Everybody from one through 15 on the roster, they're there for a reason."

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