IU Insider Blog: Plans for Game Week

We've got tons of ideas on how we plan to cover Indiana football this season. But I want your ideas, too. There will be a link to this blog in all forums so that you can give your opinion and this particular blog will be free content.

Game week has arrived for Indiana football.

And for myself and my new AllHoosiers.com staff this is going to be a bit of an adventure for us as well.

The plan is to bring you blanketed coverage of Indiana football all season, beginning with this first week leading up to Thursday night's home opener against Indiana State at Memorial Stadium.

So what do we have in store? I opted to make this a free story today so that everyone on the free boards could also get a feel for how we play to cover the Hoosiers beginning with the game against the Sycamores.

Here's some of the things we have planned:

***There will be a scouting report on Indiana State, a game matchup box that pits the units head-to-head to determine where the advantages appear to be the strongest for each team, and a Q&A with an opposing beat writer. I will have a Keys to the Game segment as well as a notes package looking at all aspects of the opener.

***Tony Adragna will have a Podcast up on Wednesday as he and I will break down some of the keys to the game as well.

***I'll host a Live Chat on Game Day on Thursday at 1 p.m. I'll be putting up an announcement about this, perhaps as early as today. I really encourage the premium subscribers to stop by and check that out. I'd like to have some good back and forth discussion heading into the opener.

***I'll have a daily IU Insider Blog that will look at various topics and positional battles heading into the opener.

***We'll have a story looking at the traffic situation anticipated for Game Day.

***We'll have a Q&A with IU athletic director Fred Glass.

***As for game day itself, expect to see 10 or more pieces of premium content.

***I'll have Game at a Glance story that breaks down the game in some easy to read chunks.

***I'll have a report card on all the different units as Justin Albers and myself will grade the action.

***We'll have at least two and as many as four player features off the game.

***I'll have a story that just features the best quotes from the game, either from players or coaches.

***I'll have a game notebook that hits on various topics.

***We'll feature a play of the game segment where we break down a particularly interesting play that had a major impact on the game.

***I'll have an IU Insider Blog looking back at the opener.

***Nolan Blair will have a video package as well as a game wrap video where Nolan and I will break down the game.

And we'll constantly be looking at other possibilities that will add to our coverage. Sorry to always make the subscription pitch, but I think you'll find that we're dedicated to overwhelming our readers with as much premium content as possible. Football will be the test run for us there and then by basketball season my guess is that our game coverage package will be pretty much refined. Again, expect us to take full advantage of our five-man AllHoosiers.com staff and put together a very competitive product.

I will post the link to this blog on all of our forums. If there's something you would like to see us do either heading into the game this week or in covering the game, please feel free to pass that on.

Thanks for reading

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