Q&A with recruiting analyst Brian Snow

National Scout.com basketball recruiting analyst Brian Snow talks Indiana targets. Read who he thinks Indiana will land in next year's class.

ALBERS: Let's begin with the guys Indiana has on campus this weekend. What are your thoughts on Robert Johnson and Isaiah Whitehead as players, and then on Indiana's chances to land them?

SNOW: Indiana has some high-level guys on campus, there's absolutely no question about that. Isaiah Whitehead might be the premier shooting guard in the country. We obviously have him ranked No. 1 so we think he's the best. Whenever you have a guy who's either the best or one of the best at his position on campus, you're getting a hell of a player.

And then with Robert Johnson, he's someone who really exploded in June and July, one of the best scorers in the class. He's someone who can make an instant impact no matter what school he goes to with his ability put the ball in the basket.

Right now if I had to pick one school for each of them, I think Indiana's probably got the best shot for both. Does that mean I think they get both? Not necessarily. But Indiana's done a good job with both recently. Robert Johnson really likes North Carolina. Talking to people who I know who know the family, they say A.) they don't do anything rash. They're going to take the visit, come home, think things over. And B.) think they want to see North Carolina before they make any decision. Timelines can always change, but I would imagine he would see North Carolina before doing anything.

And then with Whitehead, I think he'll have a deliberate process, I don't think he's in any hurry. I expect him to see Minnesota, probably UCLA. If Louisville really gets in there, take a close look at them. Right now, they're recruiting him, but I don't think they're making him a priority. If Louisville make him a priority, Rick Pitino is very tough to beat in New York City. But right now Indiana's in good shape with both of them.

ALBERS: Do you think Johnson and Whitehead could play together in the same backcourt if they were to both commit to Indiana?

SNOW: Good players can play together. I wish we could get rid of position designations and just have point guard, center and other. Outside of point guard and outside of center, I think everything else is irrelevant. There's a reason Tom Crean and coaches make a lot of money, it's to get the best players they can get and make it work. If you're a coach and you can't figure out how to make Robert Johnson and Isaiah Whitehead work on the court, A.) you're an idiot and B.) you should be fired. I don't think it'd be any issue at all.

ALBERS: What do you know about Malachi Richardson and where he's at as it pertains to Indiana?

SNOW: He's visited Indiana several times so he has a ton of interest. Kids from that area (New Jersey), you always watch Syracuse, you always watch Villanova, and both have done a good job with him. Ohio State's had him on campus, I know he likes them. Indiana's done a heck of a job. They've done everything they can do at this point. Most of these East coast kids are in no hurry to make a decision, I don't think Malachi's any different. But Indiana's done a lot of good early work there.

ALBERS: Other than the guys I've mentioned in 2014, do you see any others – maybe Quentin Snider – that you think could end up at Indiana?

SNOW: It's weird with Quentin Snider. When he initially decommitted from Louisville, you heard a lot of talk about Indiana and they might be able to get it done quickly. And since then, it just flat out hasn't happened. I don't know how Indiana feels about him. It doesn't seem like they're recruiting him all that hard. Maybe Indiana just doesn't feel that they need a true point guard in this class. Obviously Quentin would be that guy. Maybe Quentin sees Yogi as a four-year player and doesn't want to sit behind him for two years. All that's possible. But I've been surprised the way that's gone.

Lourawls "Tum Tum" Nairn is certainly someone they'd like to have on a visit. But the way they scheduled that visit as late as it did I found interesting. I don't know if he'll ever get there. Oklahoma's been recruiting him for so long, they have him on campus before Indiana. And then Minnesota's made him a priority as well and they have him on campus before Indiana. I'm not sure he ever gets to that Indiana visit.

Devin Robinson, he's been someone who doesn't talk to coaches very often and he certainly doesn't talk to the media. Getting a read on his camp is tough. Coming out of July, a lot of people felt Notre Dame was in there very good with the mom. But you always have to watch Florida with kids from that area. Florida's done a good job with Virginia kids and they've got a lot of room at the power forward position, as does Notre Dame. Now I think Devin Robinson wants to be recruited as a three-man, and if you look at one position Indiana has a lot at it's that three, four kind of hybrid type player. He's kind of a mystery in this class.

ALBERS: How much have you had the opportunity to see Devin play?

SNOW: I saw him a bunch this summer. He's as naturally talented as virtually anybody in this class. Needs to get tougher. To me, he's best as a power forward in the Christian Watford type role. He has to embrace that by rebounding better, but he's athletic, he's skilled and he's big. But some of those advantages are mitigated when he plays against a smaller player, and when that happens, Devin has to take advantage of that by rebounding. That's why we didn't rate him as a five-star kid because we just wondered if he would ever grow into the player he could be. He's a high-upside kid but he's also a fairly low floor, but he has a ton of natural ability. He just has to put it all together.

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